Preview: Iron Fist Pro Genesis (9/28/18)

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This Friday, September 28, the newest addition to the burgeoning Australian wrestling scene debuts! Iron Fist Pro is running their first ever show, taking place in Adelaide, South Australia. They’re the third of four Aussie promotion to open its doors this year: New Valhalla started up a few months ago in Brisbane, Mayhem Pro debuted a couple weeks ago in Victoria, and Pro Wrestling League will open up in November in Queensland. All this demonstrates the growing strength of independent wrestling Down Under. This show features some of the top talent on the Aussie scene: Jonah Rock, Davis Storm, Indi Hartwell, and more! Not to mention, the Billy Robinson-trained Hideki Suzuki in the main event.

Photo: Iron FIst Pro

Let’s run down the card of this next step in Australian wrestling revolution:

Fatal Four Way Match: Tyler Trench vs. Nick Golfis vs. Rat Daddy vs. Robby Heart

Photo: Iron Fist Pro

This fun four way will feature a lot of action, and will be the perfect opener to get the crowd going. Trench is an Adelaide-based performer, who recently worked the King of Monsters in a brutal street fight, which is probably his best known match this year. Rat Daddy has…uh…well, he has a rat gimmick. He likes cheese. Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you try it. The Darkest Soul, Robby Heart, is a veteran, who’s been working wince 2006, and has competed quite a lot for Michinoku Pro in Japan. Golfis is young, and looking to make an impression. A Fatal Four Way opener with all action is just the place. Look for a lot of exciting spots and fun gimmicks to interact.
Prediction: Tyler Trench

Davis Storm vs. Tommy Knight

Photo: Iron Fist Pro

The Messiah, Davis Storm, is also known as The Godfather, because in many ways he is the godfather of Australian wrestling. A fantastic performer, he’s been wrestling since 2001, and is one of the originals of Explosive Pro Wrestling in Perth, Western Australia. Storm is nearing the end of his career, and 2018 has seen more losses from him than wins. It will be a sad day when he finally does hang up his boots, as his contributions have been essential to the growth of Aussie wrestling, and has helped it see its first boom since the 70’s. I hope that when he does retire, what he’s done is still remembered, even after Australia takes its rightful place at the international table. For The Prodigy, Tommy Knight, a win over Davis Storm would give him a huge interstate victory over one of Perth’s best. Look for Knight to do just that, and put on a great performance in doing so.
Prediction: Davis Storm

Dean Valente vs. Ricky South

Photo: Iron Fist Pro

Ricky South is one of the most charismatic performers in the country. With his colorful gimmick and creative spots, it’s no wonder he’s one of the most over guys in Sydney, where he’s based out of. Here, he’ll be going one on one with Adelaide’s own Dean Valente. Valente is a staple in the Adelaide wrestling scene, working Wrestle Rampage regularly. His heel tactics will mesh well with South’s lovability. Look for some comedy in this, and for South to go over in the end, and set a feel good moment for the crowd.
Prediction: Ricky South

Mike Boomer & Link Barnett vs. The Velocities (Jude London & Paris De Silva)

Photo: Iron Fist Pro

The Velocities are all over New South Wales, working Pro Wrestling Australia, Rock and Roll Wrestling, and Newcastle Pro consistently, but for the first time as a team, they make their way to South Australia, ready to showcase their high flying style. Boomer and Barnett have teamed before, but for the better part of a year, they’ve been feuding in Adelaide’s Wrestle Rampage, so it will be interesting to see them team together here. They are foundational to the South Australia scene, and will work well with the Velocities. Expect a lot of high spots here, and don’t be surprised if this ends up being one of the better matches on the night.
Prediction: The Velocities

Adam Brooks vs. AJ Istria

Photo: Iron Fist Pro

Brooksy is on his homecoming tour, having just started taking bookings in Australia again earlier in September for the first time since December 2017. He also worked Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s Battle of Los Angeles recently. He’s probably one of the best known Australia wrestlers internationally. His high flying style is easy to get behind, as is his laid back personality. Istria is one of the most experienced wrestlers in Australia, wrestling since 2007. Other Australian wrestlers often talk about how good Istria is, and he just needs the right exposure to gain the notoriety he deserves. Look for him beat the Loose Ledge Brooks, and establish himself as a top guy here in the Iron Fist Pro.
Prediction: AJ Isteria

Indi Hartwell vs. Joanie May

Photo: Iron Fist Pro

Impressive Indi Hartwell is quickly becoming one of the fastest rising women’s wrestlers in Australia. For a good portion of 2018, she was the Women’s Champion in three different Australian promotions, and called herself Indi Three Belts. Joanie May has been more localized around Adelaide, but this match is the perfect opportunity to showcase herself to those outside it. Look for both of these women to be a major part of women’s wrestling in Iron Fist Pro going forward. Expect Hartwell to get the win here, but that doesn’t mean things will be over between these two.
Prediction: Indi Hartwell

Jonah Rock vs. Hideki Suzuki

Photo: Iron Fist Pro

Oh boy. This one will be bonkers. Rock, the King of Monsters, is not only a top star Down Under, but has also performed for PROGRESS Wrestling in the UK and PWG, including two consecutive Battle of Los Angeles’. He’s a big boy, and mixes strikes with power moves very well. Suzuki is best known for his work in Big Japan Wrestling, which as a promotion is best known for its strong style and deathmatches, so that should tell you something about how tough he is. Put those two in a match together, and you’ll get a brutal spectacle. There’s no doubt in my mind that this will be match of the night, but will also be the most violent. Expect stiff shots and fighting spirit, but in the end Suzuki will put Rock over huge, and the King of Monsters will be established as the top guy in Iron Fist Pro.
Prediction: Jonah Rock