Who Will Be The Next CMLL World Heavyweight Champion?

The CMLL World Heavyweight Championship once again was vacated. The title has been having bad luck in the last few years. Previous champions like Hector Garza once vacated the title to jump to AAA. It’s previous champion Maximo was forced to vacated it when a video surfaced of him and his Alvarado family members destroying Ultimo Guerrero‘s car.

Photo: CMLL

Now, the title is in a limbo once again after its previous owner, Marco Corleone (former WWE and WCW Superstar Mark Jindrak) had to vacate it after a plague of injuries. Corleone won the championship in a Torneo Cibernetico match back in June 2017. Corleone had six successful title defenses, defeating names like El Terrible, Euforia and Rush.

A match for the vacant championship hasn’t been announced, but here are some of the top favorites to win the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship.


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The hottest heel in the company, check. The best prospect in the company, check. Money maker, check. It’s undeniable that the Los Ingobernables founder has all the potential of the world to bring prestige to the CMLL World Heavyweight Champion. Coming off the biggest win of his career, beating Matt Taven & Volador Jr. in the biggest event of the year for CMLL, Rush can continue his development as the best heel in town with the heavyweight crown. Although CMLL always goes with Rush’s dad, Bestia del Ring, for this title, the company can make a impact with Rush as their main face in the heavyweight division.

Gilbert el Boricua

Photo: AAA

Four time AAA Mega Champion can do no wrong as the CMLL World Heavyweight Champion. Athough Gilbert el Boricua (Mesias) has barely wrestled in the historic Arena Mexico, he has the popularity and talent to hold a main title in CMLL. He was the face for AAA for a decade and delivered great matches with the likes of Vampiro, Dr.Wagner, among others. In Lucha Underground he was key as the main champion (as Mil Muertes), Could he do it again?

Dragon Rojo Jr. 

Photo: CMLL

Dragon Rojo Jr. knows his way to gold. He is a former CMLL World Middleweight Champion and a CMLL World Tag Team Champion, the latter with a reign of 1,500+ days alongside Ultimo Guerrero. Rojo’s reign would be a solid choice, but not and exciting one. He could reign supreme as their champion, but not deliver classics or attraction from fans.


Photo: CMLL

The least exiting choice. Euforia lost the CMLL World Trios Championship against El Cl4n in CMLL Aniversario 85. Now, CMLL could want that one third of Los Guerreros Laguneros to gain the heavyweight crowd in a second attempt since the Marco Corleone reign. The 43 year old veteran doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

LA Park 

Photo: CMLL

A wild card and a choice that would really make the heavyweight crowd an exciting time in CMLL. Think of the possibilities. You get the best attraction in CMLL right now to hold one of your main titles. He holds the title for several months and finally has his rivalry with Rush for the title and later in the next Anniversary for his mask. This is truly the best decision, since Park has been nothing but money since returning to CMLL. The win could open a lot of doors and possibilities for the oldest wrestling promotion in the world.

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