MCW Fight to Survive (9/8/18)

Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) is coming off of their biggest event in their history, MCW 100, which saw them surpass the 1,200 attendance mark for the first time ever. Now they move on to Fight to Survive, which MCW has announced will officially be a retro show, and has invited the fans to dress up as their favorite pro wrestlers from the 80’s and 90’s. The card itself is brimming with news, as Adam Brooks makes his return to Melbourne City Wrestling after a nine month excursion in the UK and USA, top New Zealand star JK Moody makes his debut for the largest Australian promotion, and a ten man elimination tag match. Let’s check out what MCW has in store for us:

Tome Filip vs. Mike Burr

Photo: MCW

Last month at MCW 100, Tome Filip won a Six Way match to get a title shot of his choice down the line. The man he pinned in that match? Mike Burr. Filip and Burr represent inverse styles, with Filip being a flashy, arrogant heel, and Burr being the tough as nails, no frills veteran. Burr will clearly be looking for redemption, as losing to someone like Filip won’t sit well with him. Filip will take a beating in this one, to Burr strong, but also to put over Filip as maybe someone who is a little tougher than we expect. In the end, however, Filip will get the win, since he’s on his way to a title shot, and a loss here would do no good. It will also be interesting to see if he gets a victory in an underhanded manner or cleanly. He usually takes the coward’s way out, but I think the time has come to start giving him solid, clean victories to grow him a threat to the title he challenges for.

Prediction: Tome Filip

Avary vs. Taylah Rose

Photo: MCW

Avary, who normally valets for the Brat Pack, has been wrestling more and more on her own lately, and this Saturday will be the next step in becoming a singles star. Taylah Rose returns to make her second appearance for MCW, her first being a losing effort to Indi Hartwell in June, at Hostile Takeover. I think Avary would be the smart choice to win here. She doesn’t wrestle frequently, so every win she gets is important, and since Rose wrestles here even more infrequently, it won’t matter as much if she takes the loss. Plus, it builds more hype in the match in which she finally gets her first win.

Prediction: Avary

MCW Tag Team Championship Match: The Brat Pack (Mitch Waterman & Nick Bury) (c) vs. The Men for Hire (Campbell Crawford & Jake Lindo)

Photo: MCW

The Brat Pack are coming off of a huge, successful title defense at MCW 100, when they finally ended their feud against the Prehistoric Death Cult in a Street Fight. Now, they have to defend against a team they lost to just a few months ago. The Men for Hire gained a win against the Brat Pack at Hostile Takeover. When the Pack put away the Prehistoric Death Cult, the Men for Hire became a natural choice for next in line. This one will be interesting, with a few shenanigans, as Avary will no doubt interfere, and the Men for Hire are never far from trouble. In the end, the Brat Pack will retain, and continue their very young reign.

Prediction: The Brat Pack

JK Moody vs. Ritchie Taylor

Photo: MCW

JK Moody, a headliner from Southern Pro Wrestling in New Zealand, is making his Australia and MCW debut. Moody is incredibly talented for his age, and has already taken New Zealand by storm. His team, then feud, and now team again with Kane Khan has been an excellent story, as they battled for the SPW NZ Heavyweight Championship in a TLC match at the country’s biggest event ever, Southern Rumble 2018. Now, Moody looks to make his mark in nearby Melbourne. His being here leads to several big match opportunities, as matches against Robbie Eagles, Adam Brooks, or Slex would make a fan of Down Under wrestling salivate. Sadly for Ritchie Taylor, this match will be about JK Moody, so it doesn’t look good for Taylor’s chances. Look for Moody to get a decisive victory, and to be back down the road.

Prediction: JK Moody

Adam Brooks vs. Stevie Filip

Photo: MCW

Finally, after over nine months away in Europe and the USA, the Loose Ledge Adam Brooks has returned home to Australia. After making his first return match in the country for Riot City Wrestling this past weekend at RCW 200, Brooksy is ready to re-debut for MCW. In his absence, though, Stevie Filip has gotten over quite well with the fans in Melbourne. However, both men will most likely be cheered in the match, and it’s always hard to boo a homecoming. Look for spectacular moves from both men, and a “top this” mentality from both, as Brooks will want to show that he’s better than he’s ever been, and Filip will want to prove he can hang with one of Australia’s best. Look for sportsmanship, and a handshake afterwards, with Filip coming close, but Brooksy being just a little too much for him.

Prediction: Adam Brooks

Fight to Survive 10-Man Elimination Tag Match: The Dow-Dawgs (Dowie James, Robbie Eagles, TD, Fun Time Phil, & JXT) vs. Team Gene (Gino Gambino, “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks, Ali, Jake Andrewarth, & Alan Payne)

Photo: MCW

In this Survivor Series inspired main event, it looks like Gambino and James aren’t quite done with each other. After Gambino won the MCW Heavyweight Championship from James by turning heel and aligning with Sebastian Walker, James attacked him after his first defense, which set up their rematch at MCW 100, which James lost. Now, as they lead teams against each other, it looks like this is just the next chapter in their rivalry. James will most likely be the one to eliminate the champ, thus earning himself one more title shot down the road. For the other eight men, everything from powerhouses, high flyers, and comedy acts are included, so this match will have a little bit of everything. This should be a really fun and diverse main event, that will fit with the retro theme of the night. I expect the Dow-Dawgs to win, and I wouldn’t be surprised if James was the sole survivor.

Prediction: The Dow-Dawgs

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