Preview: DEFY Seattle Wrestling DEFY Club (9/8/18)

On Saturday, September 8th, DEFY Wrestling presents its Seattle Wrestling DEFY Club event. The event has an incredible card with notable names from throughout the wrestling world. The promotion has made some changes and, in the process, only added to the overall presentation of the event. The inclusion of IMPACT Wrestling‘s Allie and ECW legend Tommy Dreamer has helped make this an event that fans will not want to miss. DEFY Wrestling favorites such as SCHAFF and Brody King will also be on the card. Here is our preview of Seattle Wrestling DEFY Club.

Photo: DEFY

Allie vs. Nicole Matthews

Photo: DEFY

In a match is not only a first for Defy Wrestling but also represents a scenario where two incredibly talented women from different promotions square off. Allie is of course very prominent in the women’ IMPACT Wrestling, while Matthews, though not under contract to WWE, is competing in the Mae Young Classic. This is a remarkable opportunity presented for all involved. Allie’s addition came about after Chelsea Green was, unfortunately, unable to make the event. But that doesn’t mean that DEFY Wrestling skimp out when identifying Green’s replacement. Matthews is a well-traveled competitor that has a long-standing history with DEFY. Fans are familiar with her and know what she is capable of doing in the ring. A match against Allie will be a special event that many will be chomping at the bit to see.

SCHAFF vs. Jeff Cobb

Photo: DEFY

This match will be the must-watch match of the evening. When the baddest motherf***er in professional wrestling and a superior athlete in Jeff Cobb cross paths, the result will be a spectacle all DEFY Wrestling fans will want to see. Arguably the hottest commodity in DEFY Wrestling today, SCHAFF continued to build a name for himself by facing WALTER when DEFY and PROGRESS went head-to-head with one another. SCHAFF will now face someone that has been all over and faced some of the best talent around. Cobb is a world-class athlete that combines his strong amateur game with the incredible ability to adjust to whomever he is in the ring with. How will SCHAFF do facing him? Who will be throwing whom and who will walk away as the winner, after all, is said and done?

No Tag Rules: Tommy Dreamer & Randy Myers vs Violence Unlimited (Brody King & Tyler Bateman)

Photo: DEFY

What began as a challenge by Brody King and Tyler Bateman emerged as a match when Randy Myers answered it. During a YouTube exclusive, Myers, the ‘darling’ himself, stated that if King and Batemen wanted a match all they had to do was ask. The result was a video that highlighted a previous match that Myers had against ‘The Innovator of Violence’ Tommy Dreamer. In that match, Myers earned the respect of the hardcore legend, and he said if Myers ever needed a partner that he would have one. This is that time, and Seattle Wrestling DEFY Club is the place. Myers and Dreamer face Violence Unlimited and will have a difficult task against that duo. Since the match has a no rules stipulation, one could anticipate that everything and the kitchen sink will play a pivotal role.

Matt Cross vs Puma King

Photo: DEFY

In a night of firsts, this is another one, the debut of Puma King. The Casas family member has achieved a great deal of popularity throughout Mexico. He will bring his popular luchador style to the United States in this battle with one of the most tenured wrestlers all over North America. Matt Cross has achieved success in several promotions, along with having been part of the WWE reality series Tough Enough. The tale of the tape between the two shows them to be fairly equal in height, though Puma King is billed as having a slight weight advantage. That said, he will be giving up five years of experience, which could prove to be the biggest difference between the two.

8X TAG GP Finals: Billy Suede & Artemis Spencer vs. Amerikan Gunz (Mike Santiago & Ethan HD)

Photo: DEFY

In what will be the finals of the 8X Tag GP, we will see Artemis Spencer and Billy Suede square off against the duo of Mike Santiago and Ethan HD, the Amerikan Gunz. The Gunz has been reinvented since their initial presentation as Team Live Badass, and though a talented duo they have their work cut out for them. HD and Spencer are no strangers to one another, having squared off against one another in the past, most notably for the ECCW and Canadian Heavyweight championship, which Spencer won. That memory has to remain with HD, and he will doubtless want to avenge it. HD is also a former trainee of Davey Richards and will bring a wealth of experience and emotion to this contest. On the other side of the ring, the Canadian contingent of Billy Suede and Artemis Spencer hope to thwart their opponents. Not since the retirement of former Montreal Expo Larry Walker has the city of Maple Ridge, British Columbia has been so well represented as they are with Spencer. Suede will also bring experience, and his Sliced Bread #2 finisher will be a big threat.

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