Indie Watch: Scotty Davis

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Indie Watch is our regular series that looks at all of the amazing talent working the independent circuits around the world. Some are veterans revitalizing their careers, some are indie prospects hitting their peaks, while others are names to be on the watch for! This edition heads to the Emerald Isle to look at one of Ireland’s emerging young stars, “The Supreme Suplex Machine”, Scotty Davis.

Photo: John Morrissey

Irish wrestling has pumped out some great wrestlers in its history.  From the mid 00’s revival of the scene, stars like Finn Bálor, Becky Lynch and Sheamus emerged.  Danno O’Mahony hailed from Cork and would go on to innovate the Irish Whip and become NWA World Heavyweight Champion.  Add to that another former NWA champion Steve Casey and NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Pat Barrett and it is clear that Ireland has produced great professional wrestlers for a very long time.  With the likes of Jordan Devlin and Session Moth Martina breaking out of the booming Irish Wrestling scene there is one heir to the throne, one young man who is undoubtedly the future of Irish Wrestling.  The Supreme Suplex Machine Scotty Davis has the potential to etch his name in history alongside the Devlin’s and Sheamus’.

Young Scotty Davis has a background in Freestyle Wrestling, having started at age 6,  being a 7xIrish Champion, a 3xBritish Champion and has won various lower level championships.  Davis is the marquee prospect of the Main Stage Wrestling school which has produced stars like Martina, Angel Cruz, and current NLW Champion Terry Thatcher.  At Road To Scrappermania 3, Davis debuted for OTT against fellow debutant Conor Andrews.  That match was the first time the OTT fans got to see some of the next generation in action and everyone in the audience was impressed by the two youngsters.  Thanks to this match, the fans got a taste for the new generation of young talents and were ready to see them step up.  This is where we got OTT Contenders from, the brand which has been dedicated to building the newest stars of Irish Wrestling.

Davis has been ever present on Contenders, while also making his mark on the main roster.  In 2017, Contenders allowed Davis the opportunity to square off with Luther Ward and the chance to team with Devlin against Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) while he also got to take Ryan Smile to his limit at Vendetta, semi main evented the Tivoli against El Ligero and Devlin, debuted at the National Stadium against Jigsaw and ended the year being one of Contenders top three prospects earning the right to face NXT UK Superstars British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate Trent Seven) in the National Stadium.  2017 was an impressive year for Davis, but has been nothing compared to his 2018.

Davis has had a great 2018 in OTT.  First making his way to the finals of the NLW title tournament where he Main Evented the biggest Contenders show yet against Terry Thatcher, he would go on to take former PROGRESS, NLW, IPW:UK, Lucha Forever, SMASH Wrestling, SWE, HEW and NGW World champion Mark Haskins to his absolute limit at Martina’s Gaff Party 3.  He most recently went toe to toe with IWGP US Champion Juice Robinson at Contenders and saw his Legit 100 faction forced to disband after losing a grudge match to More Than Hype at WrestleRama 2.  Davis has been a featured performer in OTT for over a year now, taking on the world’s best and never missing a step

Outside of Ireland, Davis is starting to make a mark in the UK, something which is a major step for any Irish Wrestler, by making his TNT IGNition and Pro Wrestling Clash debut in October, and over the last weekend has won a contract with a major UK company in Fight Club: PRO (owned by Trent Seven) where he would go on to have an amazing match with Jordan Devlin at one of their main shows.  The scene is taking notice of his talents and it is time for Davis to make his mark – this young man’s floor is future OTT World Champion, as for his ceiling, let’s just say the sky’s the limit.

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