MAD’s Juventud Guerrera and Teddy Hart to Invade Puerto Rico for MysterioMania

Member of AAA‘s infamous faction MAD, Juventud Guerrera and Teddy Hart are wrestling in Puerto Rico for MysterioMania on November 29. Back in January, Konnan, who was fresh of his exit from The Crash Lucha Libre formed in MDA in Monterrey a faction known as MAD. Alberto el Patrón, Kevin Kross, Sexy Dulce, Juventud Guerrera and Konnan attacked everybody in that show and officially announce the group.

Later on April 21, Juventud Guerrera alongside Kevin Kross and new member Teddy Hard attacked Dr. Wagner Jr. and former LAX member Hernandez in the middle of a AAA Mega Championship match. The attacked was rumored to follow the return of Konnan. This was later confirmed in Verano de Escándalo when a returning Jeff Jarret with Konnan himself and other MAD members completed their invasion in AAA Worldwide. This set a new era in the company, with Jeff Jarrett winning the Mega Championship against Rey Mysterio Jr. and Dr. Wagner Jr.  Moreover, AAA Latin American Champion Hijo del Fantasma recently joined the faction.

Not a New Place for Guerrera

Guerrera is not a stranger to Puerto Rico. The Juice is a former International Wrestling Association (IWA) PR and World Wrestling Council (WWC) Junior Heavyweight Champion. Moreover, Guerrera in past years was part of World Wrestling League (WWL), where he wrestled now CWA Champion Star Roger (then Sensacional Carlitos).

For Teddy Hart, this is his debut on the island. Hart, who is having a resurgence in wrestling primarily thanks to Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) and his AAA role with MAD. Hart is one of the best ever to never exploit his talent in the big leagues. He surely is a must-watch enigma.

MysterioMania now has prominent wrestlers from CMLL, AAA and The Crash, including LA Park, Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, Mil Muertes, Hijo de LA Park, Brian Cage, Juventud Guerrera, among others.