Gino Gambino Declares Allegiance to Firing Squad

Gino “Mr. Juicy” Gambino, seems to be the Firing Squad’s newest member. Having been inducted into the Bullet Club last year by Bad Luck Fale, he had yet to declare where he stood in the Bullet Club versus Tongans feud, but that changed on Saturday. Gambino is the current Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) Heavyweight Champion, and was defending his title against Dowie James this past weekend at MCW 100 (the largest independent show in Australia’s history). While coming down to the ring, he was wearing a Firing Squad T-shirt.

Gambino has been wrestling for over thirteen years, and is one of Australia’s top talents. He even worked Wrestle Kingdom 12 this year, participating in the Wrestle Kingdom Rumble match. As stated above, he defended his MCW Heavyweight title last Saturday in a First Blood match, which he won. Gambino, who also goes by Mr. Juicy, has been a babyface for much of his career, (with a name like Mr. Juicy that’s not surprising), and only recently turned heel this past spring, where he did so to capture the MCW crown. Juicy is a super-heavy, that has typically used his size for comedy spots like the stink face, but his new heel run would fit very nicely with what the Tongans are doing. While not yet announced, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that New Japan Pro Wrestling is looking to make a return tour to Australia later this year, possibly in November or December. This is coming off a successful tour they did there in February of this year, where they used a lot of local Aussie talent. Should New Japan make the return trip, it makes all the sense in the world for Gambino to participate and team up the rest of Firing Squad in their feud against Bullet Club. It’s possible that this could lead to more regular work from New Japan for Gambino, should Firing Squad stick around as a main faction, among the ranks of CHAOS, Bullet Club, Suzuki-Gun, and Los Ingobernables de Japon.