Charlotte Flair Ties WWE Record For Women’s Championships

Tonight at SummerSlam, in a triple threat for the Smackdown Women’s Championship, Charlotte Flair pinned her best friend Becky Lynch, countering Lynch who had Champion Carmella in the Dis-Arm-Her, to become a 2x Smackdown Women’s Champion. The win gave Charlotte Flair seven women’s titles (Divas, Raw and Smackdown) on WWE’s main roster, tying a record that has sat for 12 years, as the most decorated women’s champion in WWE history. Technically, the win actually puts her ahead one, as Charlotte also held the NXT Women’s Championship during her time in NXT. Trish Stratus set the record at seven main roster titles with her win September 17, 2006 at Unforgiven ’06 over Lita for the WWE Women’s Championship in her hometown of Toronto, Ontario for the seventh run as Women’s Champion.

But while Charlotte has tied Trish Stratus for total main roster Women’s Championship totals, she’s still quite far behind Stratus’ record for most combined days as Champion. Trish held her titles for a combined 828 days during her seven reigns, while Charlotte Flair has only held hers for a combined 589 days (although that total does put her in second).

Photo: WWE

Now while many people (the WWE included most days) count the Fabulous Moolah‘s 10,170 day run as champion as the longest reign, it should be noted that in reality, the reign was two reigns combined together – the first 10,135 days were officially as the NWA Women’s World Champion. In early 1984, Moolah left the NWA and signed with Vince McMahon Jr. and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). The belt that was used by the NWA actually belonged to Moolah, so she took it with her to the WWF. On May 19, the WWF created the WWF Women’s Championship, utilizing Moolah’s belt as its inaugural women’s championship. In reality, Moolah’s NWA Championship was ended and the title vacated in the NWA, much like when Ric Flair brought over Big Gold when he jumped to the WWF a few years later in 1991. The NWA Women’s World Championship continued (although inactive for several years after Moolah’s departure), with Debbie Coombs winning the title in 1986. In fact, Moolah’s first reign as WWF Women’s Champion only lasted 35 days, before she lost it to Wendi Richter in July of 1984 at The Brawl To End It All.


Photo: WWE
  1. Trish Stratus, 828 days
  2. Charlotte Flair, 589+ days
  3. Alundra Blayze, 539 days
  4. Rockin’ Robin, 502 days
  5. Michelle McCool, 500 days
  6. Wendi Richter, 449 days
  7. Mickie James, 446 days
  8. Sensational Sherri, 441 days
  9. Fabulous Moolah, 423 days
  10. Alexa Bliss, 418+ days

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