Preview: RevPro Summer Sizzler (8/17/2018)

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Revolution Pro UK (RevPro) presents their summer highlight before going for their first ever television tapings on September 5th & 6th and before their British J Cup in Manchester September 8th & 9th, sigh RevPro Summer Sizzler 2018. The Chop battle in the Main Event will be Tomohiro Ishii vs WALTER. The winner will surely be facing the British Heavyweight Champion Minoru Suzuki at some point.

Dan Magee vs Josh Bodom

Photo: RevPro

This is a heated feud between two performers who want to take over the British wrestling scene in the next years. Bodom definitely has the in-ring skills and the charisma to do this, just watch their promo for this match. Bodom will probably destroy Magee here for a good part of the match. It will be short but a chance for both to present their skills.

Prediction: Josh Bodom

Titán vs El Soberano

Photo: RevPro

Both men wrestle mainly in Mexico and could be known through the jointed shows of NJPW and CMLL. Titán also worked some main NJPW shows. Both luchadores will be trying to get over with the British crowd, which should be quiet easy given their high flying lucha style. One should expect another short match with quick and fun high risk action.

Prediction: Titán

CCK (Chris Brookes & Jonathan Gresham) vs. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis)

Photo: RevPro

This match came about when Davey Boy Smith Jr. pulled out due to the death of his uncle, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart (R.I.P). With Chris Brookes’ usual CCK partner Kid Lykos injured, he’s turned to his other CCK teammate (with the Calamari Catch KingsJonathan Gresham to join him at Summer Sizzler. They will face the Australian born, but internationally demanded, team called Aussie Open. Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher are combining innovative High-Flying moves with the big man power of Davis. A match that surely will be leaving the audience speechless when it’s over. The winner could be next in line for a shot at the British Tag Team Titles.

Prediction: Aussie Open

KUSHIDA vs Adam Brooks

Photo: RevPro

Brooks is on an undefeated streak in RevPro and he wants to keep the streak alive by any means necessesary. His opponent is the 5x IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion and two-time Best Of The Super Juniors winner, the “Time Splitter”, KUSHIDA. This is probably going to be a fast paced match and could turn into a highlight if Brooks shows his beautiful apron Canadian destroyer. Check out his match with Shane Strickland from Epic Encounter, available from Powerslam Wrestling Network.

Prediction: Adam Brooks via shenanigans

Lance Archer vs Jurn Simmons

Photo: RevPro

The other half of Killer Elite Squad will collide with the former wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion Jurn Simmons, who recently returned after 5 months of being injured. Two Powerhouses and two men that look like vikings, Simmons is making his RevPro debut here. This match will probably be taken to the outside quite quickly. Everyone in the crowd should be aware of the destruction KES has caused in NJPW. Archer will probably take the win in the end to continue the Suzuki-Gun dominance in RevPro.

Prediction: Lance Archer

British Cruiserweight Championship: El Phantasmo vs David Starr

Photo: RevPro

Starr has been the premier heel in RevPro over the last months. He assumes a conspiracy from the office against him and he is not shy of telling everyone in the crowd until they want to boo him out of the venue. ELP has had great matches over the last year in RevPro, especially the one against Will Ospreay from Epic Encounter.

Phantasmo will be trying to keep the pace high, while the 104-minute man is going to grind him down, most likely to the despise of the fans. In the end, Starr could retain because there might be more storyline to be found in this conspiracy thing…

Prediction: Starr retains

Tomohiro Ishii vs WALTER

Photo: RevPro

This will be a Strong Style showcase. Chops everywhere and bleeding chests in the end. WALTER was trained by the Stone Pitbull during his time in Japan, so although this is a dream match, these men already know each other. Walter attacked Ishii at Strong Style Evolved UK to make his intentions clear. The Ring General is the current PROGRESS and PWG World Champion and the Ringkanpf member has set his sight on the British Heavyweight title and the King himself, Minoru Suzuki. The two men in this Summer Sizzler main event will show no remorse and won’t hold back. Ishii comes into this match with an MVP performance from the G1 Climax 28 and a future IWGP Heavyweight championship match against Kenny Omega. Walter might be the European answer to Ishii himself and the Strong Style embodiment in Europe. Whoever wins this, could be in line for British Heavyweight Championship title match. And as we all know, Global Wars 2018 can’t be too far away…

Prediction: WALTER and therefore new number one contender.