LA Park and Hijo de LA Park to Debut in Puerto Rico for MysterioMania

One of the most notorious wrestlers in Mexico, LA Park, will debut in Puerto Rico for the wrestling event MysterioMania.

In recent days, LA Park has been on a resurgence. Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) has reported an increase in their attendance since the return of LA Park and Hijo de LA Park. His feud with Rush is one of the most hotly acclaimed feuds in Mexico and fans are hoping for an Aniversario Lucha de Apuestas match. In AAA Worldwide, Park is advertised for the main event of this year’s TripleMania show. He puts his mask on the line against Pentagon Jr., Hijo del Fantasma and Psycho Clown.

In Puerto Rico, Park and Hijo de LA Park joins Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix as Mexican wrestlers that will debut on the island. LA Park especially seems suited for the style that draw fans for wrestling shows in Puerto Rico. He loves fighting on the outside, yelling out obscenities and give matches a touch of reality. This is what made fans in Puerto Rico fall in love with pro wrestling with names like Bruiser Brody, TNT and Stan Hansen.

Photo: Producciones Perros del Mal

The MysterioMania show is schedule for November 29. At the time of the article, namesĀ  confirmed for the show are: El Mesias, Johnny Impact, Pentagon Jr., Mecha Wolf 450, Rey Fenix, Brian Cage, Ivelisse, Mike Mendoza, Angel Fashion, Star Roger, Hiram Tua, MVP and now L.A. Park & Hijo de LA Park. The show is a tribute to one of the best wrestlers in Puerto Rico and in Mexico, Ricky Banderas aka Mesias andĀ Mil Muertes in Lucha Underground.

With LA Park’s debut in the island and with guys like Pentagon Jr., Brian Cage, Mesias and Rey Fenix, MysterioMania: Tributo al Mesias could surpass WWC Aniversario (Night 2) as the biggest wrestling show in Puerto Rico in 2018.