Why Rush/Dragon Lee vs. Pentagon Jr./Fenix Should Happen at CMLL Aniversario

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre is a month away from their biggest event of the year, CMLL Aniversario. As lucha libre expert Lucha Blog demonstrated in his site, tickets for this year CMLL Aniversario are high. The lowest ticket will go for $25 and the highest for $141, which us up from past years were the lowest prices average $15.65. But, as he notes, the highest price is lower than the average in previous years.

LA Park since returning to CMLL has been a great draw for the company. The 5,000 fans per show quickly went away and the company has been drawing between 10,000 to almost 14,000 fans per show.

Rush, who arguably has the most desired hair in Lucha Libre, in a match with LA Park would have been money, but, as many in the media have explained is very unlikely that the match will happen.

Tickets prices are to low for a match of that magnitude, the problem is not selling out, that will be the easy part. The problem is selling out with a huge gate. With tickets prices averaging $75.67, the gate for Aniversario – if sold out – could be $1.2 million, which is good, but not as good for a Rush vs. LA Park Lucha de Apuestas. Moreover, CMLL feels that with LA Park putting his mask on the line in AAA‘s TripleMania will make the CMLL match lose his magic or unique attraction.

As we saw in Arena Mexico on 8/3, the feud is still on, but nothing came of it. Not even a contract signing or anything close. CMLL might as well leave the match for next year. They are confident on selling out next year with Rush and LA Park.

The Muñoz vs. Lucha Brothers

Another feud that CMLL has been hyping up and that, al thought is not as popular as Rush vs. LA Park in a Lucha de Apuestas, is still a match that get fans interested, is the Muñoz brothers, Dragon Lee & Toro Blanco Rush vs. the Lucha Brother, Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix.

For the past months, Pentagon Jr. and Dragon Lee have been promoting a confrontation between them on social media. In recent CMLL interviews, Pentagon has asked for the match and CMLL seems willing to go with that.

The feud will have a good backstory, Lee, Rush and even Mistico come from a well established family in wrestling that are regulars to CMLL. Fenix and Penta on the other hand, barely trained with CMLL and left for the indies. They develop their characters trough different promotions, getting notoriety with AAA, Lucha Underground and US indies. Their coming to CMLL without doing it the “right way” is a good contrast that could get fans hyped and also, give them a Dream Match. Moreover, with WWE looking at the Lucha Brothers, it could be CMLL’s last chance to get that type of match.

CMLL has already sold-out the first row without announcing their main event. The stress of producing what fans want for CMLL is low. They have in their hands various options. LA Park vs. Rush is not off the table, as Lucha Blog points out, CMLL will wait after the TripleMania show, to decide anything. They don’t trust Roldan or even LA Park, who is known to be the second coming of Bruiser Brody.

If they can’t do Rush/Park, they have the Muñoz Brothers vs. Lucha Brother. Another option is Caristico vs. Pentagon Jr. When Penta debuted in CMLL, he had a confrontation with Caristico that had fans hot at first. That story hasn’t been touched on, but it could certainly be a possibility.


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