Star Roger’s Reign Will Break a 33 Year Record in Puerto Rico

Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) Heavyweight Champion Star Roger is on the process of breaking the record for the longest championship reign in Puerto Rico. The record dates back to 1983, when WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon won the World Wrestling Council – those times Capitol Sports Promotion or CSP – Universal Championship when he defeated Ric Flair in a unification bout and combined the CSP World Championship with the NWA World Championship. In the process, Carlos Colon would go on to have a 655 days championship reign.

No Longer A Shadow of Colon 

In 2016, Star Roger – then Sensacional Carlitos – won the CWA Heavyweight Championship in a match of the year against 2-times Ring of Honor World Champion – and then champion – Jay Lethal.

It was the start of a transformation for Roger, who started as a parody of the Colon family. Roger started to defend the title consistently in the island and outside of it. Challengers like  Mike Mendoza, Mecha Wolf 450, Cuervo, DJZ, Aeroboy, among others, fell short to the a new and evolved Roger. The title defenses, the quality of matches and the aura that was created around Roger made it one of the most memorable championship reigns in the last 20 years. The reign went as far to break Carlos Colon 495-days as WWC Universal Champion that dates back to 1994.

Going Further 

Roger continued his reign, this time as a heel champion – he has been a supreme babyface all of his life – and now passing 600 days. In the next 50+ days, the man that once was deem as to short, no charismatic and that couldn’t be the face of a wrestling company is now on the edge of breaking a 33 year record and in the process, has helped make CWA the number two company in Puerto Rico.

Ironically, the man that he was set to portray as a parody, Carlos Colon, is now in the number three spot of best wrestling company in Puerto Rico and his 33 year record is going to be broken by the man his company never gave a chance.