Pagano, Alberto el Patron, Mecha Wolf 450 in ICWA: Mexico vs. Puerto Rico

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International Championship Wrestling Association (ICWA) is a wrestling promotion that started in Florida and now will have their debut show in Rincon, Puerto Rico. ICWA will present Mexico vs. Puerto Rico: Caribbean Confrontation on 8/11 in the westside of Puerto Rico. The show was announced a month ago and it will feature the debut of former AAA Tag Team Champion Pagano.

Photo: ICWA

The show will also feature the qualifying matches for what they call the Grand Prix Cup. The main event of such match will be former WWF/E Superstar Savio Vega against the multiple-time World Champion Alberto el Patrón. In a recent interview, Vega remembered fondly on how Alberto el Patrón was when he wrestled in Mexico with his father Dos Caras and his uncle Mil Mascaras. Vega added, “Alberto has grown up and he doesn’t seem to shut up and talk trash”.

Another Mexico vs. PR match will be former Perros del Mal member Mr. Aguila vs. World Wrestling League Heavyweight Champion Mecha Wolf 450. That match will be a qualifying match for the Grand Prix Cup.

The most talked about match of the evening will be an extreme rules match between Pagano and former World Wrestling Council Universal Champion Chicano. The latter was almost out of the ICWA show when on 7/28 in Manatí in a WWC Universal Championship match against Mighty Ursus, suffered a groin injury after a nasty fall.

Chicano is known for his versatile style. An expert in Extreme Rules matches, Chicano has wrestle in every major wrestling promotion in Puerto Rico – except WWL. Pagano is no stranger too, his style is what makes him a key component of AAA Worldwide in Mexico. Fans are expecting to see a match of the year candidate in Puerto Rico in this match.

Other matches announced for the show will be Roxxy vs. Ludark Shaitan (Mexico), El Nazareno vs. Hijo de Dos Caras and Westside Mafia (Morgan & Tabu) vs. two third of the WWL Trios Champions Puro Macho (Electro & Khris Diaz).