Free Spirit: A Look on Cuervo’s Decision to Leave CWA

A Look on Cuervo's Decision to Leave CWA
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It has been almost a month since 5-time Word Wrestling Council World Tag Team Champion El Cuervo announced his departure from Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) in Puerto Rico. Many fans have asked themselves why Cuervo, who seemed to have found a new home under the CWA umbrella, decided to leave the only company that seemed to have brought some clarity in Cuervo’s career since leaving WWC in 2017. 

A Look on Cuervo’s Decision to Leave CWA

Low trust, no opportunity 

When he left WWC back in the summer of 2017, it was clear to him that a singles title was not in WWC’s plan. The man that had stayed with the company when key components like Mecha Wolf 450, Mike Mendoza, Angel Fashion and Vanilla Vargas went to World Wrestling League (WWL) felt betrayed and was let down.

With a lack of star power, Cuervo felt that it was the time for the company to make him one of the main guys and hold one of the singles titles in the company. But, instead, WWC went with the veterans, that in the long run proved ineffective to draw crowds in the company while Cuervo remained as a tag team wrestler with fellow partner Enyel.

By the end of the summer of 2017, CWA represented new opportunities for El Más Extremo. In CWA, Cuervo has solid matches and memorable feuds with CWA Heavyweight Champion Star Roger and his former partner Enyel, which concluded with one of the most violent matches of the year. Still, not a singles title was on his shoulder, making one of the best wrestlers in the island wondering what he needed to do to get to the next level.

 International Plan of Action after CWA

Three weeks ago, Cuervo announced his departure and the question for many fans was, why? The easy answer is new goals, new sights.

El Cuervo has now prepared a plan of action that will see him travelling to more outside bookings. This started back in May, when he travelled to Panama for Global Wrestling Entertainment (GWE) and delivered a dominating performance.

Cuervo would end up in a tour in Mexico, which was co-promoted by Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) and DTU Mexico. There, he would revive his violent persona and wrestle in many extreme rules matches.

In Atlanta, Cuervo, alongside Mike Mendoza, Mecha Wolf 450 and Serpentico almost started a riot with fans throwing cups, bottles and trash. The four wrestlers attacked the Mexican wrestlers and proclaimed themselves as the new Puerto Rican stable La Anexión.

In that process, Cuervo keeps building his name around the world. He will compete in Colombia Pro Wrestling later this month and was announced for two dates for Wildkat Sports. In less than two months, Cuervo has expanded to four different countries.

It seems that once a promising stars in the main wrestling promotions in the island is finding better luck outside the island and that his free spirit is the key to find himself and in the process, success.