Priscilla Kelly: Hell’s Favorite Harlot

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Priscilla Kelly, known as Hell’s Favorite Harlot, can now also be known as a competitor in the 2018 Mae Young Classic. Even at just 21, Priscilla is no stranger to the spotlight. Her first taste of fame happened when she and her family appeared on the TLC program “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.” She was just 14 at the time of her first appearance on the show. She has since spoken out against the portrayal of her, her family and her Romanichal culture.

Wrestling first came to Priscilla’s attention through her younger brother. He had an Undertaker action figure that he adored, and she got him an Undertaker DVD for Christmas one year. They both fell in love. It’s pretty clear that the Man from the Dark Side had an influence on the young woman. Priscilla began her training in the Atlanta area under Murder One at Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment (AWE). Before she began plying her craft in the ring, she was first a valet. She continues to act as a valet in addition to her work as an active wrestler. Her debut match took place on March 13, 2015. Here she teamed with Devyn Nicole to take on Amanda Rodriguez (ACR) and Amber O’Neal (Gallows).

Since then, Priscilla has hardly looked back, hustling and working in many promotions. These include but are not limited to: ROAR Women’s Wrestling, Alternative Wrestling Show (AWS), Womens’ Wrestling Revolution (WWR), EVOLVE, SHINE, Major League Wrestling (MLW), Tokyo Joshi-Pro Wrestling and more. Her most prominent work in EVOLVE has been as the valet for Austin Theory. Currently, they are embroiled in a bitter feud with Joey Janela and Penelope Ford. In SHINE, she has indeed shone, where she was the first ever SHINE Nova Champion.

Where Priscilla really sets herself apart is in her unorthodox psychology techniques. Her moniker of Hell’s Favorite Harlot isn’t just a clever saying, she does indeed portray herself as an evil and sexual woman. Screaming, licking, and biting are just some of the games she will employ to get into her opponent’s head. Priscilla also has a very strong skill with words, having several haunting and thought-provoking promos under her belt. She’s also continuing to grow and improve as a wrestler, as she is still so very young. In her short three years, it is very evident that Priscilla is honing her craft and she has only just begun.

Now Hell’s Favorite Harlot will bring her unique look and skill set to the WWE stage. One thing is for sure, Priscilla Kelly will definitely get your attention.