CWA Puerto Rico Announces Its Biggest Event in History: Marty Scurll Confirmed

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Championship Wrestling Association (CWA)‘s popularity is surging in Puerto Rico. The company that started 10 years ago in the small towns of Comerio and Aguas Buena, Puerto Rico – and in the mountains – will now have their biggest event in company history at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan on December 16.

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¡Nos vemos el 16 de diciembre en el histórico centro de convenciones!#2Sweet

Posted by CWA on Monday, July 30, 2018

Going there is a big step-up for CWA. The company’s largest crowd till this day was recently on May, when CWA had their Anniversary AXE show in Dorado. The company is on the number two spot in Puerto Rico’s top promotion ranking, a spot that they have earned since being the only active promotion in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria.

Their Talent is Ready 

For starters, the CWA Champion Star Roger, has exceed any expectation of any champion in Puerto Rico, he is close the break the all-time record for a championship reign (655 days), which is held by WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon.

Young talents like Justin Dynamite, Rodrigo García, Los Hermanos Rodríguez (son of Victor The Bodyguard) and others, are widely presented as key pillars in CWA that have attracted many fans in the island.

By far, the company is the most active in Puerto Rico. Since Hurricane Maria, CWA has had more shows than World Wrestling League (WWL) and the legendary World Wrestling Council (WWC) combined.They also know which international wrestlers to bring in the island, with Anniversary AXE having CMLL‘s Caristico and at one point trying to bring New Japan Pro Wrestling‘s Zack Sabre Jr.

A Villain Arrives in CWA

Photo: NJPW

The Puerto Rico Convention Center is CWA’s biggest challenge so far. To put in perspective how many fans can go to the Convention Center – depending on the event – Bad Bunny attracted more than 20,000 fans to a concert.

Obviously, CWA will go for a modest number, but modest in the Convention Center will mean at least 1000 or 1,500 fans. The company is yet to announce a big name for the show, which will be Christmas Showdown, but is expected to do so in the upcoming days.

A big name will be key for the company and CWA has shown that with only their roster, they can’t attract more than 250 fans. A huge name has just been announced for the show, in the form of Bullet Club’s “Villain”, Marty Scurll. 

Scurll, who recently was in Chile and won a championship for a show promoted by Hugo Savinovich, is one of the many international names that will join the gigantic show for CWA. Scurll has never wrestled in Puerto Rico and is keeping a long tradition of Ring of Honor wrestlers like Jay Lethal and Roderick Strong that have competed over the holidays for CWA. Expect to see more names from New Japan, ROH or other Indie promotions confirmed for this event.

Other than that, CWA has the means and the right formula to bring fans to their biggest event in history. The company’s patient booking and good talent development has taken them far as one of the best wrestling companies in the island.