80’s Heel Brickhouse Brown Passes Away Following Cancer Battle

EDIT: This is an amended article that first appeared on July 21 following reports he’d passed away. As the world discovered, Brickhouse Brown had a miraculous kick out and survived another day. Sadly, the family has reported that Brickhouse Brown has officially passed away today.

One of the 1980’s biggest territorial heels, Brickhouse Brown, succumbed to battles with cancer today at the age of 57. A player with the NWA territories in the 1980s, he also had a brief stint with the WWF in 1986.

Brickhouse Brown made his debut in 1982 with Southwest Championship Wrestling, the NWA territory in San Antonio, Texas run by Joe Blanchard (father of Tully Blanchard, grandfather of Tessa Blanchard). Trained by Terry Funk, Brown would become a staple in the early 1980s for such NWA territories as Mid South, Mid Atlantic and Championship Wrestling From Florida. In 1986, he worked for the WWF, where he was used a babyface, with feuds against the likes of Hercules Hernandez, Tiger Chung Lee and Harley Race, before departing the company in the fall.

In 1987, he moved to Continental Wrestling Association (CWA), the Memphis promotion owned by Jerry Jarrett and Jerry “The King” Lawler. He would face some future legends early in their careers, such as Cactus Jack and Scott Levy (Raven), but is best remembered for his feud with Jimmy Golden. A one time CWA Heavyweight Champion, he would remain with CWA during their brief merger with AWA and WCCW, following through with their rebranding as United States Wrestling Association (USWA), remaining with the promotion until in closed down in 1997. He would win the WCCW Texas Heavyweight Championship and AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship during the CWA’s alliance with the two companies, and continued to win gold in the UWSA as Television Champion and 3x USWA Tag Team Champion.

He would continue to wrestle on the independent circuit for twenty years, until he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017, winning his last title, the NWA Mississippi Heavyweight title in 2004. Sadly, the cancer was discovered too far along, and it became tough to battle. This May, Brown announced that the cancer had spread to his brain. His battles ended today, when Brickhouse Brown passed away at the age of 57.

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