Preview: WWL War in The West 2 (7/7/18)

For the second straight year, World Wrestling League (WWL) returns to the westside of Puerto Rico with one of their biggest shows of the year. The number one company in Puerto Rico looks to have their show before World Wrestling Council (WWC) has their weekend wrestling extravaganza, Aniversario 45.

Photo: WWL

Last year, War in the West was WWL’s second most successful show, having the Match of the Year – in Puerto Rico – with the three-time Impact Wrestling World Tag Team champions LAX (Ortiz, Santana and Diamante) taking on the hottest tag team in Puerto Rico at that momento – and this present time – The 3rd Generation (Angel Fashion, Mike Mendoza and Vanilla Vargas).

Photo: WWL

WWL comes off from their low-attended Summer Blast show in Vega Baja, with the IWA-Return story still in full blown effect. Last time around, Huracan Castillo Jr. returned to the company and joined Savio Vega & Slash Venom (Flash Flanagan) to fight the Heel stable of Puro Macho commanded by Manny Ferno. In War In The West II, the IWA-Originals are going up against Puro Macho for the supremacy of WWL.

Here’s a preview of what’s going to happen in War in the West II

WWL Cruiserweight Championship: Pupe Jackson’s open challenge (Drunken Challenge)

Pupe Jackson is the current WWL Cruiserweight Champion, having won the title from Payatronic in Juicio Final in Dorado, Puerto Rico. In the last two shows, he has held open challenges to anyone who wants to take his Cruiserweight title. In Golpe de Estado, he went against part of the infamous Untraditional group, Oby Twin. Later in Summer Blast, he took on the fastest rising independent wrestler in the island, El Gentil. Is still a mystery who his opponent will be, Jackson usually plays a comedy role in WWL with his drunk gimmick. He is used to warm the crowd before the other matches and to open all of their shows.

Mark Davidson vs. Allison & Excellence Martell 

Since turning heel, Mark Davidson has become a heat magnet. The man seems to be in a feud that will never end with his former partners – together they are the former WWL Trios Champion – Allison & Excellence Martell. This handicap match is to finish the feud of the former champions. Allison is still young wrestlers that need seasoning, while Martell can play other roles in the company, since he is a love figure by fans. Davidson is the most promising of the three and a sure-Cruiserweight champion in the future, his physic and willingness to learn will get him far in this business.

Mr. BIG vs. Khris Diaz

Fans are sleeping on this match and it could be one of the best of the card. BIG has shown great progress, having solid matches recently. Khris Diaz is one third of WWL Trios Champion and well-rounded wrestlers who seems to finally have a uninterrupted run WWL. Diaz is one of the best wrestlers in the Puro Macho stable – just behind JC Navarro – and can give classics if you give him the opportunity. Needless to say, this match will be a solid one.

CCW Women’s Championship: Vanilla Vargas (C) vs. Celeste Bolin vs. Roxxy 

Yeah, that Celeste Bolin, the formerly known as Kaitlyn in WWE. Vanilla Vargas won the Coastal Championship Wrestling Women’s Championship back in June and from Bolin and now in Puerto Rico they are having the rematch. Roxxy was a late addition to the match, which is good, since Vargas in the ring is still a working project and barely has a good match. Without any women’s title in the island, this is the first Women’s title match in Puerto Rico in 2018 in any of the main three promotions.

WWL Tag Team Championships: Primos Melendez (C) vs. The TIDE (Mike Mendoza & Angel Fashion) 

The TIDE or La Marea that’s the name that Mike Mendoza chose for his alliance with Angel Fashion, since in Puerto Rico, Holy Fashion is not really a force. In Golpe de Estado, Fashion and Mendoza were never pinned when Primos Melendez won the Tag Team titles. The TIDE will look to steal the show once again and the Melendez are the best dance partners for that. Both teams are on their top of their game, The TIDE claim that the champions are inferior to them and that the win in Guaynabo was a one-night thing. While The Melendez will try to prove that their win was not a fluke and that they can go against anybody in the tag team division. I could say that this will be the show stealer, but, this time around there’s another match that could have those accolades.

WWL Heavyweight Championship: Mecha Wolf 450 (C) vs. Morgan 

Photo: WWL

Brother vs. Brother, that’s how this match is looked by everybody in the island. Morgan, the brother of Mecha Wolf 450, won a title opportunity when he beat his tag team partner from Westside Mafia, Tabu. The match is not a new one, in the hot period of 100% Lucha, both men deliver a classic. Now, almost three years later, Morgan looks for possibly his only chance at WWL’s top gold. Morgan feels that Mecha Wolf is a liar, who betrayed his teachers, family and friend for his own gains.  That match is a sure classic and will probably be the best match of the night. The interesting thing will be how Tabu, who is the special referee of the match, will behave.

Savio Vega, Slash Venom & Huracan Castillo Jr. vs. Puro Macho (Manny Ferno, JC Navarro & Electro)

In Golpe de Estado, it was pretty clear that WWL is staying, but Savio Vegas continues to pursue his lifelong battle to bring his old company back with the help of some old friend. IWA-Originals Savio Vega, Huracan Castillo and Slash Venom will look to win some respect when they take on the hot heel group of Puro Macho. Rumors are that the feud is not going away that easy and that other IWA-Originals could follow this storyline which in the long run, will hurt the company. Puro Macho is getting the best part out of this run, specially Ferno, who really has flourish as the best heel in the company. JC Navarro will be in the main event for the third show in a row, but has yet to defend his American Championship.