The X-Man Cometh: Impact Mystery Attacker Killer Kross (VIDEOS)

On the June 14 episode of Impact Wrestling, the mystery backstage attacker was finally revealed, when one of the suspects, Petey Williams, was forcibly removed from the backstage after he was found over the unconscious body of Fallah Bah, who was the victim of yet another attack. With the backstage cleared, a local police officer handcuffed Williams and he was lead away. But the police officer turned out to be the attacker, who attacked Williams, revealing himself to be indie wrestler Kevin “Killer” Kross.

This past week on Impact, Killer Kross issued his statement on what has lead to his attacks over the past few months, and that he was indeed here to start “a new beginning”.

But who is Killer Kross? For those who watch indie wrestling from around the world, no explanation is needed. For those who don’t know his name, here’s a look at the career of Killer Kross.

The X-Man Cometh: Impact Mystery Attacker Killer Kross

Las Vegas, Nevada’s Killer Kross has been growing in stature in the indie scene since his debut with Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) in 2014. Over the next couple years, he began working more West Coast promotions, like Oregon’s West Coast Wrestling Connection (WCWC) and Las Vegas’ own Paragon Pro Wrestling (PPW), while also catching the attention of Lucha Underground and Jeff Jarrett‘s Global Force Wrestling (GFW). While he was never used on television, Kross was routinely in the dark matches for Lucha Underground in 2015 and 2016.

In 2017, he began working with Los Angeles promotions like Bar Wrestling and Maverick Pro Wrestling (MPW), as well as starting to work with AAA in Mexico. While he spent much of 2017 as an accomplice of Johnny Mundo in AAA, in 2018 he joined the faction MAD, that also features Juventud Guerrera, Teddy Hart and Konnan. This year also saw his debut with Tommy Dreamer‘s House of Hardcore, where he had a good run in the HOH Twitch Television title tournament, losing to Willie Mack in the semifinals at House of Hardcore 40 this past April.

Now debuting with Impact Wrestling, Killer Kross’ stock continues to rise as he enters a company on the upswing, adding another top heel to the brand, and seemingly entering into a feud first with Petey Williams.

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