Preview: WWL and CWA Throw Down for Supremacy in Puerto Rico

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Tonight, marks the first time this year (2018) that World Wrestling League and Championship Wrestling Association go heat-to-head with two big shows. While World Wrestling Council has been fighting their biggest threat in company’s history – themselves –, WWL and CWA have formed two big shows that includes international stars like CMLL’s and former WWE superstar Carístico and a big matchup that could lead for the change of WWL to IWA Puerto Rico.

WWL presents: Golpe de Estado

Photo: WWL

Golpe de Estado is WWL’s main show of the year. Last year, it was voted the show of the year, it was the second most attended show of all year in Puerto Rico (behind WWC’s Euforia with 2,500 fans) and it saw the debuts of Mecha Wolf 450, Mike Mendoza and Angel Fashion, a move that changed the tides of the Puerto Rican Wrestling scene.

Tonight, the story that follows WWL is the return of Savio Vega, his alliance with real-life owner of WWL, Boris Bilbraut and his wish to bring back to the island the old International Wrestling Association, which was founded by Victor Quiñones, Miguel Pérez and Savio Vega.

In the heel battlelines are the stable known as Puro Macho, commanded by Manny Ferno. The stable wants to keep the WWL logo and named in place after tonight. Wrestlers like WWL Americas Champion JC Navarro and WWL Trio’s champions, Khris Díaz, PMS and Electro will fight in a 5-man elimination match (Survivor Series style) against Savio Vega, former IWA World and CWA champion Dennis Rivera (Vega’s brother), former IWA Intercontinental Champion Richard Rondón, Noel Rodríguez (former Unified WWC and IWA Tag team champion with Rivera) and Roxxy.

Also, Mike Mendoza and Angel Fashion (Holy Fashion or now called the TIDE) will challenge Westside Mafia (alongside with Primos Melendez) for the WWL Tag Team titles. Mecha Wolf 450 defends his WWL Heavyweight championship against BIG, this is Wolf’s first defense of the title.

CWA presents: Aniversario AXE

Photo: CWA

Also, in the northside of Puerto Rico (Dorado), the now number two promotion in Puerto Rico, CWA, will have its biggest show of the year.

The main event will be Star Roger, who has the second largest title reign in Puerto Rico’s history (behind Carlos Colon) will defend his CWA Heavyweight championship against CMLL’s Carístico. Roger, who now is a heel, has been actively promotion his record against Mexican wrestlers, he has beat Super Crazy, Juventud Guerrera, Laredo Kidd, among others, and says that is going to do the same with Carístico, Roger’s reigns stands now at 526 days.

Also, in CWA, Cuervo, who is actively now in the independent scene in promotions like DTU in Mexico (who has a relationship with Game Changer Wrestling) and Mucha Lucha Atlanta, will be in a Extreme Rules match match against his former partner Enyel. This is one of the best feuds in the island, with an Extreme Rules match that was very publicly promoted for its use of fire.