Preview: CKCW Vanished Empire 2018 (5/20/18)

The Gateway for many wrestler from the Caribbean to the United States of America, Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling looks to mix the most exiting wrestler from Puerto Rico like Mike Mendoza, Angel Fashion and Justin Dynamite with indie standouts like Brian Cage, Aeroboy, LAX’s Diamante and others.

Vanished Empire was suppose to take place on April, but after rescheduling, the company is set to have a follow up after their successful New World Rising show back in February that saw Eric Bischoff being involved as a authority figure.  The show is set to have two title matches and a big matchup between the most exciting talent of Puerto Rico right now Justin Dynamite and Mexican legend “The Juice” Juventud Guerrera.

Jordynne Grace vs. Kaci Lennox vs. Samantha Heights 

Real Pro Wrestling Women’s champion and Ohio native Kaci Lennox has a big challenge ahead of her. Jordynne Grace is a former powerlifter and one of the fastest rising independent wrestler right now, being a regular in intergender matches against guys like Ring of Honor’s Jonathan Gresham, Joey Janela and Combat Zone Wrestling World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Another Ohio native, Samantha Heights is a regular in promotions like All American Wrestling (AAW), Rockstar Pro Wrestling and SHIMMER. She’s barely in her fifth year in wrestling and is already showing signs of being a future star. This match could determine the next challenger for whoever wins the CKCW Championship match later in that same show. Grace will easily dominate both wrestlers, it remains to be seen if Lennox or Heights have an answer for her.

El Nazareno vs. Brian Cage 

Photo: CKCW

Back in 2017, the most popular character in Puerto Rican wrestling was El Nazareno. After a hot run in World Wrestling League, he left Puerto Rico to live in the states and formed the now notorious stable of Holy Fashion alongside Angel Fashion and Sr.C. Ahead of him is Impact Wrestling’s Brian Cage, who lately has been on a hot run. He has defeated guys like Bobby Lashley, Eli Drake, Australia’s Slex and even Tessa Blanchard. This match is feature because of Nazareno’s constant interference in Angel Fashion’s matches. Both are big guys, but Cage’s agility for his size is something else, the 15-years of experience from El Nazareno are going to play a big part for him to try to take down the Machine.

CKCW Women’s Championship: Vanilla Vargas (C) vs. Diamante 

Photo: CKCW

Vanilla Vargas was the inarguable champion in CKCW, but her reign has been lackluster. Her ability in the ring is non-existing and even wrestlers like Solo Darling have a hard time dealing with Holy Fashion in the outside. On the other side of the ring is a familiar face to Vargas. LAX‘s member Diamante is the wild card for the faction, she alongside Santana and Ortiz had the match of the year in 2017 in Puerto Rico against the then 3rd Generation (Vargas, Mendoza and Fashion).  Both females have pending business to take care, the Cleveland crowd would like to see a title change, but Vanilla has shown resiliency when it come to leaving the ring with her title.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Justin Dynamite 

Photo: CKCW

The Juice is back to CKCW and this time around his going up against one of the most exciting wrestler in Puerto Rico. Justin Dynamite impress everybody at last show with his innate ability and highflying arsenal. He is currently on a hunt against Star Roger in Championship Wrestling Association in Puerto Rico, but on May 20, he has it biggest opponent yet.  Juventud Guerrera has been lately invading AAA in Mexico and headlining indie events in the US, this show is no different for him. The match would feature highflying moves and is potentially the show stealer.

CKCW Tag Team Championship: Thunder & Lightning (C) vs. Holy Fashion (Mike Mendoza & Angel Fashion)

Photo: CKCW

Arguably the greatest or one of the greatest tag teams in Puerto Rican wrestling history, Thunder & Lightning are facing what is called in Puerto Rico the “change of tides” or plane and simple as “The Tide”. As Mike Mendoza puts it, is time that a new tide of wrestlers take over, and Mendoza with Angel Fashion are doing just that. Holy Fashion is expanding everywhere and their main guys are to blame, with Mendoza and Fashion working as the best unit in Puerto Rico right now. Before they challenge in WWL for the Tag Team Championship against West Side Mafia, Holy Fashion looks to beat the CKCW Tag Team champions and 20-plus time World Wrestling Council World Tag Team champions, Thunder and Lightning. It’s the first time ever that both tag teams meet each other and the first time in a long time that two Puerto Rican tag team headline a event outside the island. Thunder & Lightning are looking to keep their grip as the premier tag team in the island, even when both have been in a singles run (Lightning is the WWC Puerto Rican champion). The match itself will depend in Mendoza and Fashion’s ability, since T & L best days have being long gone. This could be the symbolic moment were the torch of the tag team division is pass down to the more young and exiting tag team.