L.A. Park returns to CMLL and challenges Rush to a Hair vs. Mask match


On Friday night in the Arena Mexico, Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) was having it’s final of the Gran Alternativa tournament. After Volador Jr. & Flyer beat Ultimo Guerrero & Templario to win the tournament, they were attacked by Los Ingobernables lead by “El Toro Blanco” Rush.

Rush and company started attacking the winners when Mexican wrestling legend L.A. Park (the original La Parka, from AAA and WCW fame), alongside Hijo de LA Park cleared the house. After the save, L.A. Park took the microphone and told Rush – who was having a meltdown outside the ring – and everybody in attendance that he was going for Rush’s precious hair.  Park told the crowd, “We are here because (the fans) wanted it on social network. They asked me to wrestle (in CMLL) and to end up with Rush’s hair and that’s how it will be.”

Park talked about the fact that Los Ingobernables attacked his family (Volador and Flyer are his nephews), “Remember that you have family and you should not have touched them (Volador Jr. and Flyer) because you have Mistico, you should not have messed with them.”

Rush left the ring and the building without answering L.A. Park’s challenge, but it expected to have at the 85th Anniversary show of CMLL, the Mask vs. Hair match that was talked last night.

Park last stint with CMLL was in 2015 – a brief run – that ended when in a promo, Park used obscene language in front of the crowd. He is a former CMLL World Tag Team champion alongside Shocker and previously had another run in the mid-2000s, were he feuded with Ultimo Guerrero and more famously Dr. Wagner Jr. (both of them would later leave CMLL). He was recently a regular in The Crash Lucha Libre, having some of this feud with Rush there, when CMLL had granted their permission to Rush so that he could wrestler there.

Photo: CMLL



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