Rohit Raju: Making His Mark on Impact

Rohit Raju and the rest of the Desi Hit Squad are poised to take over Impact Wrestling. Competing in the US for over a decade now, Rohit Raju is beginning to make some noise, all before the rest of the crew shows up. “I’ve got the Impact behind my name now.”

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“I’m trying to cement my spot in Impact. I’m low man on the totem pole, I’m not a huge name on the indie circuit. So coming in, it’s like ‘who’s this guy? What can he do? Why is he here?’ That’s fun. That’s fun for me, I get a chance to show everybody my worth, and do what I’ve got to do, and slowly but surely climb up that Impact ladder, and establish myself as an Impact superstar.”

But what sets the Mocha Skinned Manimal apart from the rest of the roster? “The first thing you notice about me is I’m intense. Right off the bat, right when I walk down that ramp, it’s intensity. Huge eyes, yelling, beating on my chest. And while I’m super happy to be part of the Desi Hit Squad, one of my main things is that I want to stand out. All I’ve got to say is, if you’ve ever watched the One Night Onlys, the Twitch specials, and you’ve watched my promos, just wait until I get a microphone on Impact. I’ve talked to Eli Drake, I’ve picked Austin Aries‘ brain, guys like that, Matt Sydal. And I’ve picked the guys that were in my spot and are now the upper echelon as far as the company goes. Yeah, it’s great being able to do stuff in the ring, and outshine, and look sweet. The best guys are always the guys that transcend professional wrestling with both in-ring work and outside. So I’m going to be the guy cutting those promos. I don’t have any sweet catchphrases or anything like that, but you’ll realize, ‘man, this guy’s got it.'”

An Impact talent both on and off screen, Jimmy Jacobs provided Raju with the advice of going out and having moments in the ring. To give the fans something to remember him by. With Gursinder Singh debuting soon, and eventually the rest of the Desi Hit Squad coming, Rohit Raju will be finding more and more opportunities to do just that.

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