WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Who’s in the Division?

Speculation is heating up that the WWE could be set to bring back the women’s tag team division, whose titles have not been seen since 1989 when the Glamour Girls (Leilani Kai & Judy Martin) became the last team to hold the gold (some wrestling fans may remember Impact Wrestling‘s Knockouts tag team division that ended with Eric Young and ODB as champions in 2013). With WWE backing this Women’s revolution and having more talented women than ever on the roster, now would be a perfect time to bring back these titles.  Some critics argue that there is a lack of women’s tag teams, but with a closer look at things WWE has certainly set up some potential pairing in recent months (although it needs to be a dual brand division).  This opens up interesting avenues of having former alliances rekindled.  Who could we see win WWE’s Women’s Tag Team Championships?  Let’s find out


One of the two more obvious pairings is Absolution who debuted to much fanfare as a stable on Monday Night Raw back in November.  The group made up of Paige, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose made an immediate impression as Paige was returning from more than a year out due to injury.  While Paige has since retired and became SmackDown Live GM, the group lives on through Deville and Rose.  Deville is an MMA hybrid fighter who works opponents over be it with strikes or submissions.  Rose is the star who has captured the hearts of fans and is highly thought of backstage.  Expect good things from this duo.

Riott Squad

Photo: WWE

The second obvious pairing the Riott Squad debuted on SDL the night after Absolution.  Made up of Ruby Riott (formerly Heidi Lovelace), Sarah Logan (formerly Crazy Mary Dobson) and Liv Morgan the trio drew comparisons with Absolution for obvious reasons.  Riott is the leader of the squad as the one with the most experience.  She can handle herself on the microphone and is no slouch in the ring, long gone is the punk rock NXT image but maybe one day her rebellious side will be let out again.  Logan is the powerhouse, the Mae Young Classic competitor is only 24 years old and is already kicking ass on the main roster.  Most fans of her indie days are unhappy with the drastic change for Logan but as long as she succeeds they will be happy either way.  Morgan is the odd one out.  An NXT roster member since 2015, she had been making sporadic appearances but never managed to get a consistent run going.  In NXT, she was more of a happy go lucky babyface that could emulate Bayley, but has settled into her role in the Squad quite well.  This trio would be dangerous in a tag division especially with the Freebird rule on their side.

Alexa Bliss & Mickie James

Photo: WWE

With Bliss losing her Raw Women’s Championship to Nia Jax, she could easily refocus on tag titles.  James is a legend of the WWE women’s division who is a 5x Women’s champion, Divas Champion and 3x TNA Knockout Champion.  She is a veteran of the ring with 19 years of experience.  The mix of James’ veteran knowledge and pedigree with the Goddess Bliss would be a tough team for anyone to beat. especially with Bliss’ love of being champion. But what better way to fill the void of losing the Raw title than by filling it with the Women’s Tag Team Championships?

Ember Moon & Nia Jax

Photo: WWE

What a team this would be!  Current Raw Women’s champion, the irresistible force Nia Ja,x and former NXT champion, the War Goddess Ember Moon.  Moon has one of the best finishers in wrestling (that only Asuka has managed to kick out of), The Eclipse that has slain the NXT roster and is now set to work its way through the main roster.   She has a real fighting spirit that can work so well in tag teams, be it winning a match or trying to get that last bit of energy to make the crucial hot tag.  And what a hot tag it would be.  Imagine a fresh, hungry Jax entering the ring to bulldoze her opponents using her never before seen mix of power and speed.

Becky Lynch & Naomi

Photo: WWE

Two fan favorites who are always fired up Ms. Straight FIYAH and Ms. Feel The Glow make an energetic team that will never stop fighting.  The inspirational aspect of both characters makes them a perfect match.  Lynch is also the first ever SmackDownLive Women’s Champion and the introduction of Women’s tag team championships offers her the opportunity to write her name in the history books once again.

Charlotte & Becky Lynch

Photo: WWE

Two members of NXT’s Four Horsewomen.  Since the Superstar shakeup, we have seen Lynch emerge as Charlotte’s main ally.  Lynch and Flair are friends and have previously teamed up to take on the Welcoming Committee, and with Charlotte away from the Women’s title, a run at the tag titles would keep her busy.  This is as close to an all-star team as we can get – Lynch is the first ever SDL women’s champion and Charlotte is likely to go down as one of the greatest women’s wrestlers in WWE history.

Lana & Tamina

Photo: WWE

The Ravishing Russian seemingly formed a partnership with Tamina before her injury.  Tamina will be out until the end of the year with her injury, but it is quite possible that the two can make a surprise splash on her return and try to snatch the championships.  Tamina is a member of the Snuka family and is a veteran that is nearing the tail end of her career.  Capturing these titles with Lana would mean so much to her and all of her fans.  For Lana, this would just be confirmation of how great she thinks she is.


The Iiconics

Photo: WWE

NXT’s Iconic Duo Billie Kay and Peyton Royce.  Ever since forming the two have been a thorn in the side of everyone in NXT – they are a whole other level of annoying when they want to be.  There is truly nothing likable about the two snobby girls who cheat at every opportunity.  They debuted in a huge spot by attacking Charlotte, just two nights after she ended Asuka’s famous streak, immediately announcing themselves to the WWE Universe.  As much as it pains me to say this, has there ever been a better fit for a championship than The Iconics are for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships?

The Four Horsewomen of MMA

Photo: Hans Gutknecht/Los Angeles Daily News

This is the least likely outcome but one that would be great.  With Ronda Rousey signed, Shayna Baszler as NXT champion, Jessamyn Duke training to be a wrestler and Marina Shafir likely to follow her friends into combat or act as manager, there is a perfect opportunity for the Four Horsewomen to rule wrestling.  The four women could rule the Wrestling world just like they ruled in MMA.  Rousey winning instantly gives the Women’s Tag Team Championships prestige, Bazsler can be the perfect killer/enforcer and Duke can hide behind the other two a little as she learns and adjusts.  The prospects of this group running wild Four Horsemen style with Paul Heyman as manager should fill anyone with glee.    While it probably won’t happen it should and it would make these titles feel important right off the bat.

Ronda Rousey & Natalya

Photo: WWE

Another potential team for Rousey and a way to get her involved in the women’s division.  A team with ring veteran Natalya would make all the sense in the world.  Rousey is still new to wrestling and having Natalya to help teach her and work the majority of the match will only help her adjust.  What this does is accentuate Rousey’s strengths and allow her to run wild on hot tags.  Seeing Rousey fire up on her opponents and locking in her signature armbar will always fire up crowds.

There you have some potential teams for a women’s tag division.  Are there any teams I left out.  Who do you think will hold the Women’s Tag Team Championships?  Who would you like to see hold the Women’s Tag Team Championships?  Would you love that little bit of fantasy booking as much as me?  Finally, just how excited would you be if WWE introduced the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships?

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  1. yes at wwe evolution if the wwe belt maker will design not one but four raw woman tag team championships belts and smackdown live woman tag team championships belts its will debut this year after that by 2019 they should create a new wwe smackdown live championship belt its will be for the belt color its gonna blue and white just like the red wwe universal championship belt from raw im a wwe fan and member you may call me star wolf that my name yes im eric wwe fan and for 2020 next year wrestlemania 36 is coming to london after wrestlemania 35 in 2019 okay its time for the woman division to have tag team championship belts for raw and smackdown live

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