Preview: Impact Wrestling Redemption (4/22/18)

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Impact Wrestling makes its return to pay per view with Redemption on April 22nd. The aptly named show is the first pay per view since the addition of Scott D’Amore and Don Callis. With a reinvigorated roster, every title is on the line except the Impact Grand Championship, and we will see at least two of the three remaining Feast or Fired briefcases cashed in.


Tommy DreamerMoose, & Eddie Edwards vs oVe

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This will be the first House of Hardcore match in Impact history. The name comes from Tommy Dreamer’s promotion, which you can find every Wednesday on Twitch. Hardcore will be the keyword for this match, thanks to the history between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan. For those who have somehow not heard, Callihan nearly took the eyesight of Edwards with a baseball bat. Some thought this feud would come to an end when Edwards battled Callihan’s alter ego, Jeremiah Crane, in an “I Quit” match at the WrestleCon event pitting Impact talent against Lucha Underground. Don Callis threw in the towel for Edwards in the match, before Crane escaped from Moose through the crowd.

With a different mystery partner for Moose and Edwards, I’d consider this match less predictable, and might even lean towards oVe. With the match involving a legend like Tommy Dreamer, and the stipulation literally being named after his promotion, he will certainly win this match with his teammates.


DJ Z vs Trevor Lee vs Brian Cage vs Taiji Ishimori vs Dezmond Xavier vs El Hijo Del Fantasma

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This six-way matchup was announced on an episode of Josh Matthews and Sonjay Dutt‘s podcast. It will be interesting to see how this match goes. Five standouts of the X Division will be battling against one another and Brian Cage. Cage has proven to be incredibly athletic. He is also undefeated in Impact. At Redemption, will he continue to be booked as a monster (or “The Machine” if you will) and squash the other five? Hopefully not. What viewers can more than likely expect to see is Brian Cage filling a role similar to Samoa Joe when he was an X Division competitor. A man with a scary combination of strength and agility.

DJ Z, Dezmond Xavier, Trevor Lee, El Hijo Del Fantasma, and Taiji Ishimori have all proven that they can put on insane matches, and Cage has proven his worth in his limited time with Impact. This match will be sure to entertain, and Brian Cage will leave Redemption victorious.

Matt Sydal vs Petey Williams

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From X Division standouts to the X Division Championship, Matt Sydal will be challenged by Petey Williams, who is cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase. Sydal captured the title from Taiji Ishimori, and has been on a roll ever since. He even briefly held the Impact Grand Championship, before eventually dropping the title to the Impact World ChampionAustin Aries. Williams has been a top talent in the division for over a decade, and is a former two-time X Division Champion. Sunday he could secure his third title reign, but Sydal will most likely have his spirit guide, Josh Matthews by his side. The numbers game will prove to be too much for Williams and Sydal will retain his title.

Aerostar vs Drago

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Aerostar and Drago will be competing at Redemption thanks to the partnership between Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground. Drago won a best of five series between the two luchadors. After this series, the duo went on to win Lucha Underground’s Trio Championship and Chikara‘s King of Trios tournament (both with Fenix). This will be a very athletic contest, showcasing what the lucha style is all about. In a match that could go either way, expect to see Drago take the win here.

LAX vs Eli Drake & Scott Steiner

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The Namer of Dummies, Eli Drake cashes in one of his two Feast or Fired cases in this match. The World Tag Team Championship will be on the line as LAX defends their titles against Drake and a returning Scott Steiner. Steiner has made appearnces off and on over the years with Impact, and most recently has been used in tag matches where he can stand on the apron and shout things. Some would consider this an insult, but Scott Steiner plays this role better than anyone. He is visually intimidating, especially at the age of 55. Add to this his reputation for being a loose-cannon, and you have the perfect role for the Big Bad Booty Daddy.

Expect LAX to come out on top. Tommy Dreamer will have the “special guest victory” in the House of Hardcore match, and you can’t expect Steiner to be sticking around. LAX has been carrying Impact’s tag division for the past year alongside LAX, and for them to drop the titles here would be an absolute travesty.

Allie vs Su Yung

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Su Yung challenges Allie for the Knockouts Championship at Redemption. The Undead Bride has had it out for Allie since her impressive debut. She has also earned the allegiance of Braxton Sutter. Not only did Yung make herself an immediate contender, by attracting the attention of Sutter, she has made the rivalry very personal. When Sutter returned he immediately turned heel by announcing that he had dumped his fiancee, Allie. Repeatedly he would offer to take her back, but Allie would consistently turn him down, before the eventual attack by Yung.

Su Yung seems to have Allie’s number, so expect to see a new Knockouts Champion, though I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing this feud continue, with Yung getting her comeuppance.

Austin Aries vs Fenix vs Pentagon Jr.

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A triple threat match for the Impact World Championship will headline the card when Austin Aries defends his belt against Pentagon Jr and Fenix. Two of the biggest names in the history of Lucha Underground challenge for the biggest prize in Impact Wrestling. This match is a rematch from WrestleCon weekend after Alberto El Patron no-showed the Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground event. El Patron’s absence led to his release from the company, and now we get to see these three battle with the title on the line. Pentagon came out successful in the first match, pinning Fenix, after the two eliminated Aries from the equation. The Lucha Brothers, as the two are called when tagging, will be sure to use double team moves when it proves beneficial. Aries will be better prepared for that this time around.

Though Pentagon has been announced for the next One Night Only card, this still feels like A Double’s match to lose. As the representative of Impact against the Lucha Underground talent, it seems like he would get the nod. The promotion could pull something tricky here to surprise the fans. Fenix would probably be the most surprising option because, although he appears on the #WeAreImpact image, he has only been announced for Impact tapings in June.

Impact Wrestling has put together an impressive show on paper with Redemption. If they can deliver, it will go a long way towards earning back the trust of many fans. If recent episodes of Impact on Pop! are any indication, fans are in for a treat on April 22nd.