War Raiders make NXT Debut

In January it was announced that the WWE had signed it’s latest group of big names to the PC.  Among them was the world-renowned tag team and former Ring Of Honor Tag Team and IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team champions War Machine (Hanson & Raymond Rowe). Hanson is 6 ft 3 293 lb. but is a monster capable of pulling off a cartwheel lariat and a moonsault.  Rowe is 6 ft 2 258lb. and is the brawler.  His array of vicious knee strikes will make any man crumble before him.  Speculation was rampant regarding potential name changes until tonight.  Hanson and Rowe debuted in NXT as the War Raiders

The former War Machine made their impactful debut in NXT tonight.  Now named the War Raiders they made an immediate impression by attacking Heavy Machinery and Tino Sabatelli/Riddick Moss. During the beatdown, Rowe unleashed one of his trademark flying knees.  Hanson showed off some powerful lariats.  Rowe then PICKED UP HANSON and threw him into the corner absolutely killing Otis Dozovic.  The War Raiders then gave the NXT faithful a taste of their finisher (The Fallout).  Rowe picked up Sabbatelli for a bodyslam as Hanson launched from the top rope to deliver a Diving Leg Drop to Sabbatelli.

 The Raiders took out both teams leading to a No Contest.  Hanson and Rowe have left a trail of destruction everywhere they’ve been in the past.  They start in NXT as they mean to go on with a trail of bodies.  What dream matches await the two powerhouses in NXT? hopefully future run-ins with SaNitY and The Undisputed Era.  And potential future feuds with The Usos, The New Day and AOP should have any fan salivating.

Having conquered New Japan Pro Wrestling and put on classic matches all over the world the two behemoths look to take over the WWE.  The War Raiders are a special tag team.  The physical abilities of the two mixed with their size and strength make them a match for any team.  The era of the War Raiders is set to descend upon NXT.  Expect this duo to carry gold sooner rather than later!