Preview: SPW Dunedin (4/7/18)


SPW Dunedin, taking place in Dunedin, Otago on the South Island of New Zealand, is the first big show since last month at Fight for Gold, where more questions than answers were raised regarding the main event scene. SPW New Zealand’s biggest event of the year, Southern Rumble, is just on the horizon, taking place in July, and this is the final stop before next month’s show Battlelines where the Kiwi native and current Progress Wrestling Champion Travis Banks will defend his belt (should he still be champion). Let’s take a look at the card going down this Saturday on the Edge of the World, that will have ramifications for both Battlelines and Southern Rumble:

Alex Savage v Jaxon Cross

Photo: SPWNZ

This match-up is fascinating because this match is the debut in the company for both men. Alex Savage has made his name working for smaller indies in New Zealand (most notably IPW), while Jaxon Cross has earned the nickname Armbar Jesus. Both men are from Dunedin, interestingly enough, making this Saturday a brilliant time to debut them, since both men will get babyface pops being in their hometown. In the end, however, Cross with establish himself as a major threat, winning with an armbar over the King of Mullet Style.
Prediction: Jaxon Cross

“The Shooter” Shane Sinclair v Dr. Feelgood in a No DQ Match

Photo: SPWNZ

Recently, SPW released on its streaming service a film documenting the two-year weight loss journey of Wilbur, now known as Dr. Feelgood. It’s no coincidence that that film was released just before he has a big match on their next show; Dr. Feelgood is clearly the main character here. Sinclair cut a promo that built the story going into this match, highlight Dr. Feelgood’s loss of seriousness when it comes to pro wrestling, and Sinclair’s need to put him back in his place. Expect Feelgood to step up to that serious place, rounding out his happy-go-lucky character, and getting the victory in the process.
Prediction: Dr. Feelgood

Team T-Rex v Team Will Power in a 5 on 5 Tag Team Elimination Match

Photo: SPWNZ

The winning team of this match will all be entered in the Southern Rumble match this July. Power, the current Fight for Gold Briefcase holder, is on a collision course with Khan and Moody down the road, and will keep his momentum and heat going with a win here. Expect underhanded tactics to lead to a W for Team Power. Curiously, SPW elected to keep the other eight participants in this match a mystery. But, Power and T-Rex will be the focus of this match-up, and expect them to be the final two.
Prediction: Team Will Power

NZXT v The CruiserMates for the SPW Tag Team Championships

Photo: SPWNZ

The newly minted SPW Tag Team Championships were crowned upon the first ever champions last month, NZXT. The heel tag team, refusing a handshake with the team they beat, Down to Fight, after their victory, are certain to hold their gold for at least a few months to help establish the prestige of the belts. However, they will win by the skin of their teeth and through nefarious means, because the CruiserMates, the brand-new team of Liam Fury and Falcon Kid, are debuting in this match, and need to look good. Both men competed in and lost the Fight for Gold Ladder Match last month, and will get a strong showing, but keeping the championships “hard to get” is more important than establishing the team, since the straps are so new.
Prediction: NZXT

“Hooligan” Marcus Kool v Kane Khan

Photo: SPWNZ

With Kool losing to Hammer again at Fight for Gold, and Khan failing to win the Heavyweight Championship, both men could use a win here. However, there can only be one. Khan is obviously being kept in the main event scene as he is challenging Travis Banks for the Progress Wrestling Championship next month at Battlelines, and still has a major feud to blow-off with the current SPW champion. Kool, on the other, has almost no storyline going forward. This is the perfect opportunity for Khan to build some steam before stepping in to the ring with the Kiwi Buzzsaw.
Prediction: Kane Khan

JK Moody v Taylor Adams for the SPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship

Photo: SPWNZ

Last month at Fight for Gold, JK Moody defended the strap against his former tag team partner Kane Khan, in what looked like a blow-off to their feud. But, Will Power, who had just won the Fight for Gold Ladder Match (think Money in the Bank) earlier in the night, looked like he was going to cash in his title opportunity, but decided against it, and struck Moody with his briefcase resulting in a DQ finish. Since Moody is defending against neither man this Saturday, SPW is booking the long game, with the story likely culminating at Southern Rumble in July. That being said, Taylor Adams is merely a stand-in challenger on the road to that culmination. Not this won’t be an entertaining match, but there’s just not any storyline basis for Adams to take the title off Moody here.
Prediction: JK Moody


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