#AndNew: Keith Lee Wins PWG Championship

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) presented Time Is A Flat Circle last night, with not only a change of venue but with a new champion was crowned by the end of the evening. Reseda, California has been the faithful home to PWG for years now but tickets oversold and the decision was made to move the show to Broadway, Los Angeles. The overall look of the event certainly improved but it was the main event that has everyone talking. Chuck Taylor defended the PWG championship against a man that had never received a PWG title shot and had waited ten years to get it.

“Limitless” Keith Lee has been making a name for himself since 2005, the former football player and anime fan has gained tremendous popularity for his Junior Heavyweight move-set with a heavyweight build. The former V.I.P. Wrestling Heavyweight champion left Ring Of Honor Wrestling for a contract with EVOLVE Wrestling in January 2017. Since then Lee has become the WWN Live Champion for EVOLVE, the hard work has been paying off this past year for Keith Lee. PWG Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock NRoll) was the debut for Keith Lee in PWG on March 18, 2017 and just one year later, he is the PWG World Champion.

The career of Keith Lee has risen bigger with each month, ever since his beginnings on the Texas independent scene and Beyond Wrestling. Keith Lee made it the PWG Battle Of Los Angeles finals last year and had a five-star match with Donovan Dijak in the same tournament rated by The Wrestling Observer. Next, Lee also challenges for the AAW Pro Heavyweight Championship on Match 31 at Path Of Redemption against ACH.

Weighing in at 330 pounds, Lee overpowered Chuck Taylor with Ground Zero to become the new PWG champion and Chuck Taylor got on the microphone afterwards to tell Lee to “be a better champion than I was.” Taylor also had typical funny remarks as well after the big title change. “Don’t you guys read the internet? This guy is going to WWE. What are you cheering for!?” Taylor is referring to the rumours that Keith Lee had interest from WWE this past month. At 33 years old, Lee has become the oldest and heaviest champion in PWG history. In the prime of his career and getting better every major event, but could he be leaving PWG for WWE NXT like so many others? The future is incredibly bright no matter what path “Limitless” Lee chooses and he already knows NXT talent Ricochet, Lio Rush, Kyle O’Reilly and Donovan Dijak very well from previous encounters. For now, PWG has a monster fan favorite as a champion that has earned it and will continue to work even harder to retain the gold. Bask in his glory!