Preview: MCW Tensions Rising (3/10/18)

This Saturday in Essendon, Melbourne City Wrestling has its final event before the big boys and girls of PROGRESS Wrestling come to town. While the event only has five matches and no MCW World Title defense, it does have the MCW champion Dowie James being confronted by Mr. Juicy, in what is sure to set up a title match down the road. That being said, this show still has a lot to offer, so let’s run down the card…

Match 1: Tome Filip v JXT

Photo: MCW

Filip is coming off his second match and second victory in the company. At Clash of the Titans on February 24th, Filip cost JXT his match to Elliot Sexton via distraction, setting up the match for next Saturday. Instead of doing another one-off victory, it would be the right time to set up a feud for Filip to more fully cement him as a serious threat in the federation, especially with someone as established as JXT. This one look for a rematch down the road between these two, but expect the newer star to pick up the win.

Prediction: Tome Filip

Match 2: Mike Burr v “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks

Photo: MCW

Loverboy again picked up a victory last month, as MCW is pushing him higher and higher. Riding the momentum of getting the rub from and ending the career of Krackerjack, Loverboy’s place currently is to keep getting wins until they are ready to place him in the main event scene. Burr is merely a step on the way there. Burr made the save for Fun Time Phil when Loverboy was beating on him at Vendetta in January, setting up this confrontation.

Prediction: “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks

Match 3: Campbell Crawford v. Jake Lindo

Photo: MCW

This one’s a bit odd, but after all, this is pro wrestling. Crawford’s partner Hawko stole Jake Lindo’s cell phone, to help find work for Crawford, who at one point had Lindo tied up in the back of his car. The vignettes featuring Crawford and Hawko have been airing for months, and with this being Crawford’s first match back in the ring, expect him to get the win to finally start getting some payoff for this story of him losing his confidence and being unable to work.

Prediction: Campbell Crawford.

Match 4: Fun Time Open Challenge 

Fun Time Phil hasn’t shown up since Vendetta in January (where he lost to “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks), but he’s back with an Open Challenge. At Vendetta in January, Loverboy beat on Phil after the match, when Mike Burr came out to help, only to get beat on himself. Finally, Cremator came out to make the save. At Clash of Titans last month, Cremator challenged Loverboy for vengeance, only to fall short, with Fun Time Phil nowhere to be seen. Expect Cremator to answer the challenge out of anger at Phil for not having his back like he had Phil’s.

Prediction: Cremator

Match 5: Slex v. Davis Storm for the Intercommonwealth Championship

Photo: MCW

“The Business” Slex is fresh off a major win over Robbie Eagles in a ladder match last month at Clash of the Titans to earn the Intercommonwealth Championship. Slex is one of those elite Australian wrestlers that represent the very best of Aussie wrestling, and now he wears what is quickly becoming one of the most prestigious belts in the country. While not MCW’s top championship, the Intercommonwealth strap has headlined events, and often it’s championship match-ups steal the show. This Saturday looks to follow that trend. The challenger, Davis Storm, has been firing shots via Twitter this week to heat up the feud, but in the end, this is one-off match that will see the champion retain. Davis is a crisp worker, and will put on a good show, but a belt that is gaining esteem as quickly as this isn’t a belt to be hot potatoed two weeks after a change. So expect Slex to hold on to the belt until the eventual blockbuster match-up against Will Ospreay, who last month demanded a match for title at some point in the future.

Prediction: Slex

Photo: MCW