Preview: OTT Homecoming, Night 1 (2/3/2018)

OTT present their first main show of 2018, OTT Homecoming.  We have the first ever steel cage match in OTT history as they emanate from a new venue, The Arena, hosting it’s first ever OTT show.  Despite WWEUK competitors Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate being pulled it is still a very, very strong card.  Let’s run down the card for OTT Homecoming

Match 1: Mark Haskins vs Adam Brookes

Photo: OTT

Haskins makes his first appearance since losing his NLW title at Being The Elite.  Across from him is Australian wrestling star “The Loose Edge” Adam Brookes.  Brookes is currently in the UK trying to follow in the footsteps of Aussie Open and South Pacific Power Trip and make a name for himself here.  Neither man is a slouch in the ring and this will be good.

Predictions: Mark Haskins to win

Match 2: Trent Seven vs Ryan Smile

Photo: OTT

Seven replaces British Strong Style teammate Dunne against Smile.  He makes his first solo appearance in OTT.  Seven and his comedy stuff will work really well in OTT.  He takes on OTT original Ryan Smile, Smile was absent for BTE.  At Vendetta he showed he’s still a heel.  He defeated Scotty Davis before losing to Haskins in about 10 seconds.  He was left outraged and is sure to be hunting down current champion Jordan Devlin.

Predictions: Ryan Smile to win

Match 3: OTT Gender Neutral Championship: Session Moth Martina (c) vs “Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor vs Angel Cruz vs B.Cool

The gender Neutral championship has proven a wacky title so far.  The potential for this to be a fantastic match is there.  All four people in this match are insane, funny and charismatic.  The interactions between the OTT stars and Taylor will be very fun to see.  This is going to continue to be Martina’s division and she will take the win at Homecoming

Predictions: Session Moth Martina to win

Match 4: Mike Bailey vs Keith Lee

Photo: OTT

Lee returns to OTT for the first time after his appearance at Born To Be Wasted.  He takes on the “speedball” Mike Bailey.  The DDT wrestler made a name for himself in the UK last year when he impressed in the WCPW World Cup and here at OTT.  Keith Lee was the breakout star of 2017 and he has an impressive resume of matches.  This will be a clash of two different sized men but the flips will come in spades.

Predictions: Keith Lee to win

Match 5: “Kiwi Buzzsaw” Travis Banks vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Photo: OTT

A huge matchup between two of the best wrestlers in the UK.  This is a rematch of their semifinal match from last year’s Super Strong Style 16 which was a fantastic match and was won by Banks.  The OTT crowd will lap this up and it will be another match to add to OTT’s catalogue of great matches.

Predictions: Zack Sabre Junior to win

Match 6: OTT Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match- (C) Kings Of The North (Bonesaw, Dunkan Disorderly & Damian Corvin) vs The Rapture (Sha Samuels, Charlie Sterling & Zack Gibson)

Photo: OTT

A rematch of Being The Elite where the Kings scraped a win.  The cage is very necessary to keep these animals in. There is some doubt as to the future of the Kings and injury doubts going in for Disorderly.  This is the prime opportunity for The Rapture to dethrone the Kings of Irish Wrestling.

Predictions: The Rapture to win the titles

Match 7: NLW No Limits Championship: Jordan Devlin (c) vs Timothy Thatcher

Photo: OTT

The longest reigning EVOLVE champion in history makes his OTT debut.  Devlin has faced superstars like Thatcher before and the Import Killer has put them all away with his Package Piledriver.  Thatcher has been a different wrestler since taking more bookings in Europe.  His hard-hitting style will clash very well with Devlin and this match will be fantastic.  Devlin won’t lose the title this soon and he will kill another import.

Predictions: Jordan Devlin to win and retain