Cody and Kenny Omega to Face Off at ROH Supercard of Honor XII with Fate of Bullet Club Hanging in the Balance

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As was first announced on the most recent episode of Being the Elite earlier today, Ring of Honor confirmed that the blockbuster showdown between Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes, will be taking place at this year’s Supercard of Honor.

Bullet Club Civil War: How Did We Get Here?

Tensions between Cody and Omega have dated back quite some time, as it was clear that the two alpha males of Bullet Club, never could quite get along. Things began to heighten in July at the G1, where, following Cody’s match against Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Championship, Omega wanted Cody’s wife Brandi Rhodes, to throw in the towel. It was a gesture similar to one Cody had done to Omega when he faced Okada at Dominion a month prior.

Cody was not happy following the match and tensions exploded at the press conference where Omega and Cody got into a screaming match. Cody explained his reasons for almost throwing in the towel as Omega had gone 60 minutes against Okada and he felt his friend was spent. Things got heated as Omega told Cody he didn’t have enough experience in the business to which Cody took exception and flipped one of the press conference tables.

Cody and Omega seemed to cool off but it was clear that the seeds were being planted. The two seemed to get along in the months following but professional jealousy and a seeming desire to both be leaders of Bullet Club, always kept the two at arm’s length up until last month at New Year Dash.

Following a ten-man tag team match between Bullet Club and Taguchi Japan, Cody set his eyes on attacking Kota Ibushi, who he had been feuding with ever since before Wrestle Kingdom 12. Before Cody could raise a chair to Ibushi however, Omega came down to make the save, protecting his former Golden Lovers tag team partner from whatever Cody had planned. This led to Omega and Cody getting into a shoving match until Cody finally left the ring and Omega took the mic to address Bullet Club’s in-fighting and dissension.

Omega remarked that Bullet Club hadn’t been whole for a long time but he knew just what they needed to get back to being a team again and being number one again. They needed “Switchblade” Jay White. Omega called White down to the ring and offered him an invitation to join. White teased joining, even putting on a Bullet Club shirt and offering up a ‘too sweet’ but it was all a guise. White hit the blade runner on Omega, and later in his own press conference, announced he would be joining CHAOS instead.

This set up Omega vs White for the IWGP United States championship at The New Beginning in Sapporo, in which White became only the second man in NJPW history to hold the title, defeating Omega, who was the first and only winner to that point. Omega had failed not only to retain his title but also to repair Bullet Club as following the match, things got heated once again.

Adam “Hangman” Page stepped up to challenge White following the match and even took the belt. But Omega backed him off and gave the title to White, causing the remaining members of Bullet Club to take the ring and argue with the former champ. Cody accused Omega of not being a leader and following an altercation involving the Young Bucks, Cody dropped Omega with a cross rhodes and with Page’s help, looked ready to hit him with a chair as well. That was until it was Ibushi’s turn to make the save for Omega. Ibushi cleared Bullet Club from the ring and he and Omega embraced before walking to the back together.

This left questions and doubts about the status of Bullet Club, ones which “Bullet Club is Fine,” the second most recent episode of Being the Elite, did little to quell. The show’s final moments featured Omega alongside Ibushi walking into the Young Bucks’ hotel room and the door being shut.

It’s Complicated…

On Friday, BTE released it’s the newest episode, one which seemed to feature a distraught Omega and a nonchalant Cody. The two never interacted as Omega was only seen briefly, but it was clear that the Bullet Club rift was affecting one more than the other. As Cody enjoyed his winter vacation with Brandi, the Young Bucks, Page, Omega and Marty Scurll, who sang Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” over shots of the group, all seemed to be feeling the angst of an impending break-up.

The episode ended with Nick Jackson having another vision, this time one that would rock the entire group. Jackson’s vision flashed ahead to Supercard of Honor XII in April, where Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni were preparing to announce a match they never thought they’d see, a match which seemed to suggest a civil war in Bullet Club, that of Omega vs Cody.

The End of Bullet Club?

It’s hard to know for sure what direction Bullet Club is going to go in after this match. Omega and Cody very well could shake hands and put their differences behind them, keeping Bullet Club intact. Or Cody could go his separate ways, likely with Page and possibly Scrull by his side as members of the Ring of Honor Bullet Club. That leaves the Young Bucks, who along with Omega make up the sub-group, the Elite.

An Elite/Bullet Club split has been teased for some time now and this would seem to be the right time to finally pull the trigger. However, there is also Ibushi, who factors into things now. The reformation of the Golden Lovers could feud with Bullet Club and have tag matches with the Young Bucks. Or the Bucks could join with Omega and Ibushi to fight the rest of Bullet Club.

All that is known for sure is that Omega/Cody at Supercard of Honor is a huge match for Ring of Honor to get, especially given this event will be taking place in New Orleans during WrestleMania weekend. What happens in the aftermath, well, we’ll just have to wait and see.