Preview: AAW Chaos Theory (2/3/18)

This Saturday, AAW presents AAW Chaos Theory in Lasalle, Illinois, with another stacked card from one of the best indie promotions in the American Midwest.

Earn Your Spot Mayhem: Ace Romero vs. Donovan Danhausen vs. Sage Cainan vs. Gringo Loco vs. Dante Leon vs. Space Monkey

Photo: AAW

Anybody could win in this scramble scenario and it’s a great way to showcase new talent some haven’t seen, along with favorites like Space Monkey. The influx of new faces in AAW Pro helps it’s tagline: “Professional Wrestling Redefined.” Gringo Loco is 32 and from Chicago, looking to make his name on the undercard here. Sage Cainan and Dante Leon both only have a year of experience under their belts, but they have a good reputation in IWA: MidSouth. Donovan Danhausen was trained by Jimmy Jacobs and after five years in the business he is waiting to break through. Ace Romero is the pick to win this match and become a regular in AAW Pro. “Acey Baby” is very popular in Limitless Wrestling and has the size to take down every opponent in this match.

Connor Braxton and Brubaker vs. Mike Hartenbower and Kody Rice

Photo: AAW

Brubaker and Braxton have been making their way up the card and trying to earn title matches. The same could be said about the opposing team, but last month Rice and Hartenbower failed to become number one Contender’s to the AAW tag team Championships held by The Besties In The World and this would be the rebound win they need. Rice and Hartenbower will bring more fun to the match and they won’t be steamrolled, but Brubaker and Braxton could be the future of the tag team division in AAW.

“Hot Fire” Myron Reed vs. Trey Miguel

Photo: AAW

This is going to be a very explosive match between two of the youngest and brightest in the company. Myron Reed gets better every show, with moves like a top rope reverse hurricanrana – he lost in a great effort to Teddy Hart last month with a vicious Canadian Destroyer off the top rope. “Hot Fire” has his work cut out with Trey Miguel, who is improving every day from his time in The Crash in Mexico. Reed wins an exciting match but Trey Miguel could use more matches like this to break out of tag team matches.

Penta El Zero M vs. “The Mad King” Eddie Kingston

Photo: AAW

This match may not be long because Penta El Zero M likes to put his opponents away early and Kingston goes at a fast pace as well. Eddie Kingston is a sympathetic character after almost having his career ended with a neck injury and further damage from David Starr in an I-Quit match. Although he is still the most abrasive and tough veteran on the roster, he now has to deal with the possibility of a Package Piledriver. The high-impact offense of Penta El Zero M, along with the aerial abilities, should keep Kingston down in this match.

Jeff Cobb vs. AR Fox

Photo: AAW

There is no real favorite in this first-time AAW Pro bout – AR Fox has picked up quite a few victories lately and Cobb is capable of throwing Fox around the arena. Now that Jeff Cobb has gone out for himself and has become a rule breaker, he can climb up the ladder much easier with that never-lose attitude. Cobb can fly too, but the former Olympian could wind up with a big loss via Lo Mein Pain (Springboard Spanish Fly) off the top rope. The winner should receive a championship match, and AR Fox vs Rey Fenix for the AAW Heavyweight championship would be something everyone wants to see.

Shane Strickland vs. Trevor Lee

Photo: AAW

Shane Strickland has been wrestling for 9 years, while Trevor Lee has similar experience with 11 years of experience. That will play out in the form of can-you-top-that with “The King Of Swerve” and “The Carolina Caveman” and it should be given a fair amount of time on the card. There isn’t much better at high-risk style than Strickland, who always wrestles his style, knowing when to counter and strike at the right time. Trevor Lee has grown so much as a performer after years in Impact Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla that his matches are as exciting as the men that trained him, The Hardy Boys. Strickland spends his time in other companies like DEFY and Combat Zone WrestlingTrevor Lee should be the winner to move into the main event scene.

“The King Of Bros” Matt Riddle vs. Sami Callihan

Photo: AAW

Matt Riddle never had the chance to face Sami Callihan for the AAW Heavyweight Championship last year but now the match happens and it’s for the first time ever. It’s Callihan’s brawling against Riddle’s submission technique and it could be a big win for either – Callihan uses a Stretch Muffler submission and Riddle uses a knockout knee to even the odds. Look for more of a smash-mouth match than a war of holds, although it could come down to that because “The Callihan Death Machine” has experience on Riddle by several years. Matt Riddle should win decisively over the top dog of AAW Pro if he wants to ever be the main event player that Callihan was. Riddle was the WWN Live champion for EVOLVE Wrestling last year, while Callihan wrestled on some of EVOLVE Wrestling’s very first shows against Fit Finlay.

Zero Gravity (CJ Esperanza & Brett Gakiya) vs. OI4K (Dave Crist and Jake Crist)

Photo: AAW

Zero Gravity has been a tag team for ten years now and CJ Esperanza & Brett Gakiya are looking to beat a team that have been rivals for years, but a team that also has gotten all the glory and all the gold. OI4K has been the biggest faction in the companies history with Dave and Jake Crist holding the AAW tag titles multiple times. This match has been a long time coming, but the boys from Ohio have more to lose – the Crist brothers with Sami Callihan are taking over in Impact Wrestling as Ohio Vs Everything (OvE) on top of their monthly AAW dates. No matter how many near falls or big moves Zero Gravity hit, the momentum is with Dave and Jake Crist. Zero Gravity are a mainstay in the promotion but they only competed in 29 tag team matches in 2017 and that experience will be the difference maker.

AAW Women’s Championship: Jessicka Havok vs. Rosemary

Photo: AAW

The war of the wild banshees in pro wrestling for the newly crowned AAW women’s championship is going to be a show stealer, but Havok may have more than she bargained for. Jessicka Havok won the tournament finals on December 2 at Legacy in a triple threat match with Ivelisse and Rachael Ellering. The way Havoc won proves she is one of the most dangerous women in the world – she pinned Ivelisse after a tombstone from the second rope. If Rosemary wants to cut no corners and go full force at the champion then she has a chance or it may be a quick night. Havok has waited a long time for AAW to instate a real women’s division and Rosemary will be a dream match on the way to a long title reign.

AAW Heavyweight Championship: Rey Fenix vs. ACH

Photo: AAW

At only 30 years old, ACH has proven to be one of the most genuinely fun performers to watch and he gets his second shot at the AAW Heavyweight championship after he tapped out to Sami Callihan in 2017. Rey Fenix is solidifying his title reign well and he carries himself with more confidence in the ring even though he has always been near flawless with his trademark offense. This would be a spectacular moment if ACH pinned Rey Fenix but it’s more likely ACH beats DJ Zema Ion for the AAW Heritage Championship. It’s not just ACH’s dynamic move-set that sets him apart from other high-flyers, it’s the way he performs those moves. The Brainbuster and 450 Splash have never looked better but Fenix is just as good at all of those things and Fenix should retain in a terrific main event.

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