First Women’s Elimination Chamber Coming Next?

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It’s been a whirlwind past two years for the Women’s Divisions in the WWE since the Women’s Revolution began. We’ve seen women headline Raw, Smackdown Live and WWE Pay-Per-Views, not to mention the first Women’s Iron Man Match, the first Women’s Hell In A Cell, the first Women’s Money In The Bank and now this Sunday, with the first Women’s Royal Rumble. But an advertisement sent out by the home venue for this year’s Elimination Chamber PPV at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada has some interesting words that are leading many to assume that the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber event is happening on February 25 at the next Raw exclusive event.

The concept of the Elimination Chamber is simple. Six participants are chosen for the event, with two of them starting off the match. The other four are locked in cages and released in five minute intervals. But the Tweet from T-Mobile Arena mentions twelve (12) Raw Superstars being inside the Chamber this time around, while featuring both Alexa Bliss and Samoa Joe on the graphic. Now either WWE has decided to make this year’s Chamber a 12-man event (which is HIGHLY unlikely) or it means that six women are about to once again make history in February when Raw‘s Elimination Chamber comes to fruition.

Photo: WWE

The Elimination Chamber began in 2002, when Raw GM Eric Bischoff announced this new match concept (created by Triple H and inspired by WCW’s War Games and ThunderDome and WWE’s own Hell In A Cell). Initially, and like it’s sister event Hell In A Cell, it began as a gimmick used at various different Pay-Per-Views (beginning with 2002’s Survivor Series), but in 2010 it garnered its own Pay Per View. While it missed 2016, it was revived last year (when it was a Smackdown Live exclusive event) and featured Bray Wyatt winning his first WWE Championship when he pinned John Cena clean.

Back in October,¬†current Raw GM Kurt Angle was asked during a Facebook Q & A if we’d ever see a Women’s Elimination Chamber and replied simply “You will”.


Assuming Alexa Bliss is still Raw Women’s Champion by Elimination Chamber, what other five women do you see being in the first Women’s Elimination Chamber? Let us know in the comments below!