Indie Watch: Maine State Posse

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The Maine State Posse have been making a name for themselves for almost two years now. This version, at least. DangerKid and Aiden Aggro took on the name in 2016, after debuting with Northeast Championship Wrestling. This came about when traveling to the show with founding member, and the man who completes the trio: Alexander Lee.

“When the time came for Aggro and I to start teaming, we truly had no clue what to call ourselves.” DangerKid continues “this was around the same time that we were starting to hit the road a lot more frequently and we were really trying to make names for ourselves in New England and wrestle new people in front of new crowds.” When Alexander Lee and Alex Chamberlain originally started tagging as the MSP, they were in a similar situation. Lee mentions how when he first started they were “just trying to find a place wouldn’t scoff at us because we are from Maine.” 


One fateful night, Lee approached DangerKid and Aiden Aggro about joining the Maine State Posse. Aggro says “we were still very new and very eager to spread our wings and wrestle as much as possible in as many places as possible, an eagerness that we still have today. So the decision for us to be the new members of MSP wasn’t really as complicated as some may think, we were essentially offered the job and we accepted. I like to think Lee saw something in us, but for all I know it could have just been a matter of DK and I being in the right place at the right time.”

According to Lee, the choice was not merely a coincidence. Lee and Chamberlain had been tagging and cemented their place in New England for over a decade. “We figured why not continue with two new faces that had the desire Al and I did. They took it and ran wild with it. Made it what you see today. They inspired me to keep going.”

Photo: Harry Aaron

The Pine Tree State is a unifying force for the three, but what is it about Maine that they love so much? “You have to have a certain gusto to live in a place where the weather can and tries to kill you every day for over half the year.” Lee states that “it’s that sense of personal perseverance, that you have to take care of yourself to survive that I’ve always loved.” Aggro shares a similar sentiment. “We’re a travel destination for people who want to scratch their ‘outdoorsy’ itch, being able to grow up in this gives us the unique ability to be a jack of all trades if you will. By no means am I personally the best hiker, fisherman, hunter, etc. but I’m pretty good at most and I don’t think I’d have that if I wasn’t born and raised right here.”

DangerKid points out that the trio has “been fortunate enough to travel to a bunch of new places and nowhere feels quite like Maine. Maybe it’s because it’s where we were all born and raised, but there’s just something special about it. The scenery is unreal, no billboards or skyscrapers, which makes the whole state feel small.” He goes on, saying “maybe only people from here truly get it, but I am from here. I understand it and nobody else has to. This is my home, this is our home and nothing will ever change that. You can take the person out of Maine but you can’t take the Mainer out of a person, as corny and cliche as that sounds, it’s true.

Between NCW, Limitless WrestlingChaotic Wrestling, where DangerKid and Aggro recently captured tag team gold, and plenty of other promotions in the Northeast and New England, people are hardly scoffing. “We give our all in every match and I’d like to think we’re pretty versatile.” DK continues to add, “we can brawl with the baddest, we can do some comedy with the goofiest. We can have an indy spotfest or a classic technical and psychology based match. Just about any match online that you can find of ours will be able to show off what we can potentially bring to the table.”

Fans of CHIKARA were able to get a taste of what the team can do when they debuted at Silence in the Library. The hard work the team has been putting in caught the attention of Mike Quackenbush. When CHIKARA found itself in Kennebunk, Maine, MSP got an opportunity to perform for a promotion known globally. Hopefully, we can see the team make the trip down to Pennsylvania. Perhaps for King of Trios?

The Maine State Posse has also performed for Beyond Wrestling, though not on the main card. Making that main card, along with wrestling for CZWBar WrestlingAAWFest Wrestling and international tours are goals for DangerKid. Teams he would love to face off against include oVeEYFBO (LAX), The Ugly Ducklings, and The Carnies. Lee’s goals for the team? “Simple, to take over the f*cking world.”

As DK points out, “social media plays a huge part in the scene these days. Support your favorite companies and wrestlers in any way you can. Let’s just all try to keep making independent wrestling bigger and better than the previous years. It’s growing and I don’t see it stopping or slowing down anytime soon and it’s all because of the amazingly passionate fans all over the world. I love wrestling.” The Maine State Posse can be found on Facebook and Instagram, beyond individual accounts for all three on Twitter. Going a step further, they will soon be releasing a YouTube series titled “Maine Sh!t”. With the passion, drive, and skill the MSP possesses, they’re proving to be exactly what they claim. The Maine State Posse is the way wrestling should be.