Preview: OTT Contenders 4 (11/26/2017)

Its that time again as some of the best talent in Ireland descend upon the Ringside Club and Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling to take on Ireland’s best and some names from the UK indie scene that has fans salivating over the potential for great matches.  Here’s our preview of the weekend’s action and some insight into who these young wrestlers are and why its so exciting to see them step up to the plate here at OTT Contenders 4.  There is an added bonus for our contenders as the best three take on British Strong Style at the National Stadium next month.

Match 1: LJ Cleary vs Fabulous Nicky

Photo: OTT

Cleary made his debut at OTT: Vendetta against El Ligero and Nicky where he was eliminated in mere seconds.  He is out for revenge here against Nicky.  Nicky is a veteran and will look to use that to his advantage against the cocky youth.  I expect Nicky to have enough to beat Cleary but I wont be surprised if the young man pulls off the upset

Prediction: Nicky to win

Match 2: Curtis Murray vs Kenny Williams vs Nathan Martin

Photo: OTT

As can be seen in my Vendetta preview I am very high on Murray.  He goes against tag partner Martin and rising indie star Williams here.  This will be a great match between three fliers.  Martin always shows great fire and he will try his best to come out of this match with some respect.  Williams should pick up the win here against his younger opponents but in a multi man environment you can never be sure.

Prediction: Kenny Williams to win

Match 3: Raven Creed vs Debbie Keitel

Photo: OTT

Two of the best up and coming womens wrestlers in Ireland clash here.  Creed has been killing it in Celtic Championship Wrestling as part of the terrifying Therapy group.  These two fought for the CCW Womens title recently and this match will prove to be another chapter in their burgeoning rivalry.  Keitel has a few wins on these contenders shows and has proved to be a good wrestler but Creed is on another level. I expect her to win here and make a strong case to appear on one of the main OTT shows next year.

Prediction: Raven Creed to win

Match 4: Kings Of The North (Bonesaw & Damian Corvin) vs Club Tropicana (Captain Sexsea & Aiden Epix)

Photo: OTT

KOTN make their first appearance since their face turn at Vendetta.  The crowd will be eager to see Irelands premier tag team and show their appreciation to them for standing up to Gibson & Co.  Tropicana are one of the most entertaining duos in Ireland right now and in a promo video released on Twitter showed they understood what they were getting into when they requested the KOTN not kill them.  I fully expect the KOTN to try and kill the youngsters as they are still OTT tag champions and need to continue winning ahead of their title match at Being The Elite in December.

Prediction: Kings Of The North to win

Match 5: Joe Coffey vs Michael May

Photo: OTT

With the apparent departure of Joe Coffey from ICW, we have to wonder if we will see more of him in OTT as this is his first Dublin show since May of last year at Even Better Than Our Best.  He takes Michael May someone who can match him in almost every department. He has shown his technical and physical capabilities on previous Contenders shows.  This will be a great battle between two big lads that may just steal the show.

Prediction: Joe Coffey to win

Main Event: Aussie Open (“DunkZILLA” Mark Davis & “The Aussie Arrow” Kyle Fletcher) vs Jordan Devlin & Scotty Davis

Photo: OTT

Aussie Open are a hugely impressive tag team that have made a big impact on the indie scene in the UK this year and it results in them making their OTT debut against Davis and the import killer Jordan Devlin.  Scotty Davis comes into this on the heels of a terrific performance against former NLW Champion Ryan Smile.  The three smaller men will have some terrific exchanges.  Meanwhile big man Davis will look wow the audience with his unbelievable power offense.  Despite how great AO are they run into the import killer Devlin here as he looks to kill another pair of imports on his road to dethroning Mark Haskins.  Will easily be match of night.  We should see the Irish lads get the win here.

Prediction: Jordan Devlin and Scotty Davis win

The last Contenders show of the year is a stacked one.  The added reward of a big match on a huge stage will make everyone perform at their absolute best.  This is one show that is not to be missed.

Photo: OTT