Lucha Underground Season 4: Who’s Left?

Amidst rumours of leaving El Rey Network, losing financing, and nearly as many dirt sheet rumours of demise as Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground revealed to the world today that Season Four has been greenlit (and will remain on El Rey) and will begin shooting early 2018 in Los Angeles at the Lucha Underground Temple.

But with reports of some wrestlers leaving the production (or actively seeking to leave), many are wondering who will still be a part of Lucha Underground when the fourth season begins filming next year. In short, the answer is most of them. While they definitely lost a few of their main stars, Lucha Underground has found a way to recover before (like when Alberto El Patron left after Season One) and has more than enough talent to elevate into new main event players. Let’s look at who’s gone, who’s left, and who are still in limbo.


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From Season 3, there are truly only two people officially gone from the promotion that are confirmed. One is the first ever Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma, better known to the indie wrestling world as Ricochet. Ricochet has confirmed in multiple interviews that he opted out of his contract following the conclusion of Season 3 and is no waiting out his 90 day no-compete clause that kicked in following the finale of the last season. He should be ready to head to his next home by January of 2018. Following seeming farewell appearances with NJPW and Dragon Gate in the last few weeks, it would definitely appear that his WWE bound rumours are inching closer to reality.

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Former WWE and WCW legend Rey Mysterio Jr. has also left the show, after appearing in Seasons 2 and 3. Rumours continue to persist that he will return to the WWE for a final run before retiring, but the 42 year old former WWE World Champion seems content working the indie circuit for a bit longer, having reportedly turned down a deal with Impact Wrestling recently.


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This is the big question mark. Two of Lucha Underground’s most popular stars – brothers Pentagon Jr. and Fenix – announced their departure from AAA (Lucha Underground’s co-owners) while defecting to rival Mexican promotion The Crash Lucha early this year. Since then they’ve become very busy on the indie circuit, with both changing their names due to AAA owning their former monikers – Pentagon is now Penta El 0M and Fenix is now Rey Fenix. The brothers are working many North American indies right now, winning the PWG World Tag Team titles together, and seem to have distanced themselves from both AAA and Lucha Underground. But just because they left AAA doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve left Lucha Underground as well. Taya Valkyrie left AAA over her treatment when she was stripped of her Reina de Reinas Championship and Sexy Star was brought back, but has stated she’s still committed to a fourth season of Lucha Underground. As Pentagon Dark, Penta ended the third season as the new Lucha Underground Champion, so it’ll be a strange scenario if season four opens without their new champion.

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Sexy Star is another concern as since Season 3 finished filming in 2016, she’s retired, unretired, returned to AAA in controversial fashion and been let go by AAA in even more controversy. Her last appearance for LU was in the second last episode of the last season, where she defeated her since real life rival Taya in a Last Luchador Standing match. Will Lucha Underground continue to use her for the next season or will AAA’s decision to remove her from their own promotion following the Rosemary incident at TripleMania XXV lead to her being left out of future Lucha Underground seasons as well?

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The last time we saw Dr. Wagner Jr. in Lucha Underground was during Ultima Lucha Tres – the name for the grand finale of each season – when he returned to team with Famous B in defeating Texano Jr. But since that was filmed, Wagner Jr. lost his legendary mask at TripleMania XXV and things have changed. Will Wagner Jr. return to Lucha Underground without his mask or will he continue to wear it for LU?


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Thankfully, pretty much everyone. After missing most of Season Three, King Cuerno made a surprise return in the finale and stole the Gauntlet of the Gods. One of the most popular characters of the first two seasons, injuries kept him out of the tapings for most of Season 3, amidst rumours he was trying to get out of his AAA and LU deal – WWE was hotly in pursuit of him for last summer’s WWE Cruiserweight Classic. But under his AAA persona El Hijo del Fantasma, he’s been steadily working AAA and now Impact Wrestling, so he still appears to be working amicably alongside AAA. A full return of King Cuerno in Season 4 could help ease the loss of Prince Puma.

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All of the other big hitters for Lucha Underground – Johnny Mundo (John Morrison), Brian Cage, Mil Muertes (Ricky Banderas), Matanza Cuerto (Jeff Cobb), Son of Havoc (Matt Cross), Jeremiah Crane (Sami Callihan), Willie Mack, Killshot (Shane Strickland), Dante (AR) Fox, Ivelisse, Joey Ryan, Aerostar and all the rest are all still with the company – most of have been quite adamant that they will be returning to season four as long as there is one. And now, it appears, we have the answer.

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A new season is exciting news for Lucha Underground fans. Like LU head writer Chris DeJoseph told Sports Illustrated today: “We have some major stories that need to be followed up on…we have some questions that need to be answered, questions that need to be asked, and everyone wants to know what happened to Dario Cueto.” Add in some likely new faces to help keep the product fresh and it looks like Lucha Underground will still have the bulk of it’s cast of characters that helped make this series one of the most unique wrestling programs in recent memory.

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  1. That’s a lie about Pentagon and Fenix cause they stated in an interview that they were gonna be apart of LU S4

    1. We never said that they WEREN’T going to be a part of Season 4, just that their messy departure from AAA may cast doubt. Even LU’s producer in an interview this week said it wasn’t 100% but he was “hopeful”. If they’ve said otherwise, then that’s only more good news for LU.

  2. Oi Most of the Rosters like Johnny Mungo is Now Johnny Impact Brian Cage in TNA impact Wrestling Simon in Impact Wrestling Alberto in Impact Wrestling Sexy Star Boxing Now Prince Puma Ricochet WWE NXT Rey Mysterio Japan NJPW And Impact Wrestling Taya in Impact Wrestling Chavo Guerrera maybe in the Hall of Fame of WWE Class of 2018 Vampiro will maybe be in the class of 2018 ECW Roster

  3. All we want to know is when is LU coming back for this yr 2019, we saw that there was suppose to have been one on Jan 8th 2019 we looked for it and it never came on , we live in Charlottesville , Va and we were getting it on Wednesday nites at 8pm , we love LU just need to know when it will be back thank you.

    1. Season 4 has ended, and they have yet to film Season 5. Still no word on when filming begins.

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