BREAKING: Adam Blampied Released From Cultaholic

Adam Blampied Cultaholic
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In a follow-up to this week’s news that Adam Blampied was stepping away from the new YouTube channel Cultaholic – started alongside former WhatCulture personalities/employees Adam Pacitti, “King Ross” Tweddell, video editor Sam Driver, and Jack “The Jobber” King – Cultaholic has announced that they have severed business relations with Blampied all together.

BREAKING: Adam Blampied Released From Cultaholic

Earlier in the week Blampied was accused of sexual misconduct and harrassment during his time at What Culture. He confessed to a series of sexual harassment incidents of his own doing and professed an apology on his twitter account.


Following this apology, Cultaholic posted the following statement announcing a delay to the launch of their new company and wrestling promotion. The news was followed by the termination of Blampied just two days later.