Former WWE Champ Kaitlyn Returning To Wrestling?

Earlier today, former WWE Divas Champion and retired professional wrestler Kaitlyn (real name Celeste Bonin) posted a photo on her Instagram account showing her back in training in a wrestling ring, at the Main Event Training Center for Coastal Championship Wrestling in her home state of Florida. Kaitlyn remarked how it was her first time back in a ring in four years (well, nearly – her last match occurred against her best friend AJ Lee on January 7, 2014). Following a four year stint in the WWE, including a 153-day reign as WWE Divas Champion, she retired from the industry in early 2014 to concentrate on her marriage and new clothing line. But it appears the wrestling bug has come back.

While it’s too early to speculate if she’s making a return to the WWE (although they could definitely use another strong veteran on either main roster brand to help with the newer recruits and add some fresh storylines), it’s definitely an interesting post. Kaitlyn has transitioned gracefully into a post-wrestling career with a small business clothing line. But who knows, perhaps her visit backstage at a WWE Live Event in Florida this past August, where she reconnected with former WWE workmates Natalya, Naomi and Tamina reignited something.

While she initially was passed over by many fans as another fitness model turned wrestler from WWE’s Divas Machine, her grit and determination won them over – her feud with AJ Lee is one of the best women’s wrestling feuds in the WWE in the past decade.

If she did decide to return to the ring, she’s definitely got time on her side. She retired young and turns 31 next month – she’s still got lots of good years left should she choose to return the ring, whether it’s WWE, Impact Wrestling, ROH‘s Women of Honor or even to one of the indies like SHIMMER or SHINE.

What do you think? Would you like to see Kaitlyn make a return to wrestling?

Photo: WWE