Puerto Rico’s Top Prospect (Part 1): Justin Dynamite

Welcome to a new series of articles that will feature Puerto Rico’s most exciting and brightest prospects. The series will consist of at least 10 articles in short-form featuring the most promising stars of the island.

This week, we explore CWA’s brightest future Justin Dynamite.

It is 10:50 pm in Cataño, Puerto Rico. Championship Wrestling Association is having their event Supremacia (Supremacy) with a fairly a good house in troublesome times in the island. The temperature is 90 degrees and the crowd is getting impatient because of how late the show has gone without the main guys having their match.

The event was heavily promoted on the return of one of Puerto Rico’s most beloved Mexican luchador, Super Crazy. The man was part of the first steps of the International Wrestling Association and even won the first ever IWA Intercontinental Championship in the first ever Ring of Honor show against Eddie Guerrero. Everyone is excited for the “Insane Luchador”, but something strange happens.

In comes this lean kid with the CWA Puerto Rican Championship in the semi-main event. I knew who he was, I have seen the video of Lio Rush chopping this guy to shreds, but then getting pined by a beautiful 450 splash.  The man had a glare of confident in his face and it walked in with a huge pop by the fans. While the crowd stood up for him, the announce yelled trough the microphone, “He is… Justinnnnn Dynamite!

I knew that Justin Dynamite was loved, albeit not widely known. This guy proceeded to have a killer match with a relative new wrestler in CWA named Mike Nice. It was incredible, the man could do all the flips and at the same time was a pop magnet, knowing where or how to get the reaction. In the end, the 450 splash got a another victim and Justin retained his Puerto Rican Championship (Super Crazy or Star Roger would not get a similar pop).

In the subsequent shows that I attended, Justin kept getting bigger in his reactions, with fans debating on pops between Justin or CWA Champion Star Roger. It is easy to know why is he loved-he’s a humble, ultra babyface with the coolest moves on the roster (maybe the whole island).

In the short time that Justin Dynamite has wrestled, he has held numerous championship, but his big break came with World Wrestling League and later with CWA. He would be used in the Multi-Universe theme that at the time, WWL, CWA and CWS were doing. Justin stood out of the pack that brought talents from the 3 companies. His hard worked would be later recognize when WWL pair him alongside another exiting prospect Mark Davidson. The trio of him, Davidson and Mantell were loved, with a short but good stint in the Multi-Universe.

But Justin biggest run has come now with CWA. He is riding a 200+ reign with the Puerto Rican Championship. He has the attention of everybody in the island with his high-flying move-set and magnetism that makes the crowds love him.  Even thought he had little experience, it was impressive when CWA brought Lio Rush and Justin could hang with the WWE bound. It’s not a thing of “if”, but a thing of “when” Justin is going to explode and be the face that runs the place on the island. Time will tell…