The Caribbean Report: Cuervo in CWA, Mighty Ursus returns, WWL and much more

Emmanuel Rosado once again reports in from Puerto Rico with all the latest news out of the Caribbean professional wrestling scene!

El Cuervo Invades CWA

Photo: CWA

In what it’s been a crazy roller coaster for up and coming talent from WWC, El Cuervo made a surprise appearance las Saturday at Championship Wrestling Association’s Summer Mayhem. Cuervo, who is a 5-time World Tag Team Champion for the World Wrestling Council has previously showed displeasure with WWC’s way of booking this year.

After Mike Mendoza and Angel Fashion made the jump from WWC to the World Wrestling League, many fans saw Cuervo as WWC’s last hope to build in a young promising talent that can ignite their fan base. But lately, Puerto Rico’s oldest promotion has decided to go with their veterans like WWC Head Booker Ray Gonzalez and the legendary tag team of Thunder & Lightning. Plus, it seems that the company is only willing to build in one young talent, that being Ray Gonzalez’s son Ray Jr.

Ray and Ray Jr. (Photo: ContralonePR)

Cuervo in recent days made comments regarding on how WWC had overlooked him and that he wanted a singles run, not a rehash of his old feud of 2 years against La Revolución (The Revolution). Then, on 7/29 in Dorado, Cuervo made the safe for CWA Champion Star Roger and CWA Puerto Rican Champion Justin Dynamite.

It’s still unknown if Cuervo left the WWC or that he will still be working with them after Summer Madness (Cuervo is booked for the 8/5 show), but right now it seems that CWA wants to build Cuervo and later have a feud against the longest reigning champion in Puerto Rico right now Star Roger. Some may speculate that him leaving for CWA is a work and that WWC may push him next, but looking at WWC’s record, it doesn’t seem like it.

Mighty Ursus Returns To WWC

Photo: WWC

Another talent that made headlines beside Cuervo, was the 2-times Universal Champion Mighty Ursus.

It was a weird 2017 for the Monster Heel, who in previous year ran down all WWC’s roster and was considered a legit powerhouse for the company. Ursus seemed to be without a direction at the start of 2017, he filled in for Black Pain and did a job in WWC: Euforia 2017 for Apolo. The powerhouse then was floating around without seeing much action until rumors of him coming to the rebranded WWL started to float around. The deal with WWL never concluded and neither a booking opportunity for a CWA appearance.

Now, at the last minute of WWC TV on Saturday, a familiar face alongside his infamous manager appeared. Juan Manuel Ortega, who is Ursus’ manager, describe their return as a vengeance against Ray Gonzalez. Because of the WWC Universal Champion (Ray), Ursus lost his Mask and Ortega his hair, now the pair are going for Gonzalez’s Universal Title.

TNT Returns To Japan

The name TNT is well known for Puerto Rican and Japanese fans. For years in the late 80s and early 90s, TNT was the alias for former WWF superstar Savio Vega.

Savio had an infamous run as the “Ninja Karateka”, feuding with the likes of Leo Burke, Abdulla the Butcher, Mr. Pogo and later in the pinnacle of his persona against Puerto Rico’s top face Carlos Colon. Vega used his Martial Arts Skill and merged them with a serious persona assisted by notorious manager in Puerto Rico El Profe.  Savio would take his TNT character to All Japan Pro Wrestling in the late 80s, teaming with Abdullah the Butcher, but it was in New Japan Pro Wrestling where he would have a longer stint. He would team frequently with former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Scott Norton &  Vader and feud against the legend Keji Mutoh (The Great Mutah).

Now, after 20 years of absent, Savio Vega revived his Martial Arts Gimmick and appeared for Keji Mutho’s Pro Wrestling Master show in the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Savio described it as a “proud moment”, having the honor of teaming with The Great Mutah and The Great Kabuki. He said that it was a long time absent from the territory of Japan, but he felt great having the opportunity of seeing old friends like the old Kaintai Group (Taka Michinoku had a run in the early 2000s in Puerto Rico). Savio’s team lost in the main event of the sold-out show against the member of Japan’s cabinet Hiroshi Hase, Riki Choshu and Tatsumi Fujinami.

WWC needs to deliver 

Photo: WWC

World Wrestling Council is having their long-awaited Summer Madness show on 8/5 in Bayamon.

The company has been suffering of low attendance and talent fleeing. This summer, the promotion is doing 150 fans per show and has seen at least 5 big talents leave the promotion. WWC has seen some success with OT Fernandez’s Jr. Heavywieght Tittle run and with the return of Mighty Ursus, it seems that things will turn around. But this Saturday, one of the oldest promotion in the wrestling world needs to deliver. The WWL is averaging better than them and it seem that their own fans have turn on them because of their lackluster booking.

The show on 8/5 will have the return of former WWE Intercontinental, United States and Tag Team Champion Carlito. He will face in his long-outdated feud against Ray Gonzalez for the WWC Universal Championship. Xix Xavant will team with former Universal and IWA World Champion Chicano against La Revolucion. Also, Gilbert vs. Lightning © for the Puerto Rican Championship, OT Fernandez © vs. Peter the Bad Romance for the WWC Jr. Heavyweight title and Thunder vs. Ray Jr. It’s still unclear how Ursus will be use, but it seems that the finish of the main event will involve him.

Other news from the Caribbean

Photo: WWL

New Generation Championship Wrestling had their Lucha Conquest show in Kissimmee, Florida on 7/29. The show featured a mix of Puerto Rican talent and indie powerhouses of the wrestling scene. It’s still unclear what was the attendance, but streaming buys for the iPPV did well according to their press representatives. In some of the results: Penta 0M b Brian Cage to retain his Lucha Submission Title, Mil Muertes b Rey Fenix and Mecha Wolf 450 to become the #1 Contender for the Lucha Submission Title, Blue Demon Jr. & Boricua Guerrero b Noriega & Savio Vega, Ivelisse vs. Santana Garrett ends in DQ and Thunder & Lightning vs. Mr. Aguila & Minotaur end in DQ.

– WWL will have their High Voltage Live Show in Juncos, Puerto Rico on 8/5. The main event will be Mecha Wolf 450 vs. BIG vs. Nazareno for the WWL Title. Also, JC Navarro vs. Angel Fashion,Electrox vs. Payatronic, Mike Mendoza, Vanilla Vargas, Manny Ferno and many others.

Championship Wrestling School had to cancel their 7/29 show in Vega Baja due to the person in charge for the ring the ring didn’t show up. They would have their 7/30 show in Santurce in front of 65 fans. It’s still unclear the results of the event.

CWA has a show in 8/6 in Dorado.

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