PROGRESS Chapter 53: Screaming For Progress Preview

Progress Chapter 53
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EVENT: Chapter 53 Screaming For Progress

Venue: The Electric Ballroom

After a relatively tame showing at Chapter 52 PROGRESS are looking to continue their packed summer schedule returning to their home base in Camden with some exciting imports and a stacked card.

Match 1: Chuck Mambo vs Chief Deputy Dunne

These two competed in a fatal four way at Chapter 52 and are polar opposites with Dunne’s anti-fun gimmick clashing with Mambo and his easy going persona.  Dunne is setting up a rivalry with Sexsmith and could use the win here in what will be a decent match

Prediction: Chief Deputy Dunne to win

Match 2: Zack Gibson & James Drake vs Never Say Die (Alex Cupid & Dillon D’Angelo)

The odd pairing of two heels with nothing else to do should draw good heat as neither man is liked in any way by the fans. They are facing two young up and comers who are making their chapter debuts in Cupid and D’Angelo, these two are London born and bred have made appearances at ENDVR shows and freedoms road dark matches. They will be over with the local crowd against two hated heels and must be good if they are getting trusted in this position. I’m excited to see NSD and how they perform on this big stage but I they wont win here on their debut.

Prediction: Zack Gibson & James Drake to win

Match 3: CCK (Kid Lykos & Chris Brooks) vs Extra Talent-Ed (Aaron Solow & Ricky Starks)

CCK are going to unleash some sick tag movez on ET here. At the last chapter these teams were in a three way tag match in which ET looked a step slower and botched a few times quite noticably. Hopefully that was starting jitters and they can improve here as they are a fresh match for CCK and another chance for CCK to impress heading into the Alexandra Palace show.

Prediction: CCK to win

Match 4: Pete Dunne vs Jack Sexsmith

Sexsmith will be trying to stake a claim to be a future PROGRESS champion with a strong performance against Dunne. Dunne’s brand of violence will work really well against the beloved Sexsmith and I think these two could have a really good match. Dunne has to win to keep strong for the Banks match but hopefully Sexsmith can once again elevate himself in defeat here.

Prediction: Pete Dunne to win

Match 5: James Davis vs Rob Lynch

The London Riots face off here for the first time ever in what has been positioned as a number one contender match to the ATLAS title. This match should be good with the chemistry between these two who have teamed for years. If this match is the first in a storyline breaking up the Riots I wouldn’t be surprised but I cant seperate the two to guess who wins.

Predictions: James Davis to win?

Match 6: “The Kiwi Buzzsaw” Travis Banks vs Keith Lee

Banks vs Keith freakin Lee. Someone is gonna die here between these two hard hitters with a lot of athleticism on show. Banks has easily been PROGRESS’ MVP for the year and Lee has been on fire this year and this match will be a potential MOTY candidate and will give Banks another big win on his road to dethroning Pete Dunne.

Prediction: Travis Banks to win

Match 7: PROGRESS Women’s Championship- Toni Storm (C) vs Candice LaRea

Storm is continuing her quest to legitimize the women’s title and a win here against Indie star LaRea would probably complete that and make it a title worth fighting for. In a perfect world this match would main event but PROGRESS love having British Strong Style members main event but chances are that these women steal the show. And hopefully they start to set up a womens feud for the Ally Pally show

Prediction: Toni Storm to win and retain

Main Event PROGRESS Tag Team Championshipa- British Strong Style (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)(C) vs Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins

BSS have been killing it lately in this string of tag team main events. Havoc and Haskins both want shots at Pete Dunne’s title but have to make do with a tag title shot. This is four of the best main eventing and will be an awesome brawl but we should see the continuation of the Haskins vs Havoc feud they have been teasing for the last few months (PLEASE TURN HAVOC HEEL) and BSS will retain.

Prediction: British Strong Style to win and retain

A good looking card from PROGRESS with a lot of interesting stuff on the undercard and some huge matches to look forward to.