PROGRESS Chapter 52: Vote Pies Preview

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Company: PROGRESS Wrestling

Event: Chapter 52 Vote Pies

Venue: O2 Ritz Manchster

PROGRESS continuing its run of shows in July with its third show of the month as they look to continue building steam for the now sold out Alexandra Palace show in September.  Progress come to Manchester here with a solid looking card with two HUGE matches that any wrestling fan should want to watch.

Match 1: Mike Bird vs T-Bone

I quite enjoy Mike Bird and have enjoyed all of his progress appearances so far and hopefully this match sets him up for a good run of wins.  T-Bone is a veteran brawler whose style will work very well with Bird.  Not much to say about this other than it will be two big guys beating each other up for our entertainment and Bird should win.

Prediction: Mike Bird to win

Match 2: The Banter Edition(“Lucha Otter”El Ligero & “Banterclaus”Dave Mastiff) vs #CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) vs Extra Talent-ed (Aaron Solo & Ricky Starks)

ET are making their PROGRESS debut, they are a talented tag team who have appeared in OTT and are great heels who are really full of themselves, TBE will be over as always and will play off ET for comedy.  The mian reason to watch this match is CCK they lost their tag titles at the last chapter to British Strong Style and will be looking to win here to earn another title shot in the near future.

Prediction: #CCK to win

Match 3: Chief Deputy Dunne vs Chuck Mambo vs Jack Sexsmith vs Zack Gibson

Dunne is the anti fun police and will be against everything Mambo and Sexsmith stand for.  There is also the back story between Sexsmith and Gibson which they will hopefully play on as well as Sexsmith getting revenge on Dunne for attacking him at Chapter 50.  This will be a fun match with some storylines in play that should forward the Sexsmith vs Dunne feud.

Prediction: Chief Deputy Dunnne to win

Match 4: PROGRESS Women’s Championship Match-(C) Toni Storm vs Laura Di Matteo

LDM earned this match by defeating Jinny at PROGRESS: Cologne.  These two squared off as two of the participants in the final of the tournament to crown the first women’s champion which Storm won.  Storm has been a fighting champion and losing it to another face and one who cant carry a match like LDM would be disappointing and not what the title needs in its infancy.

Prediction: Toni Storm to retain

Match 5: Pete Dunne vs Eddie Dennis

Dennis is Travis Banks‘ hand picked opponent for Dunne.  The real life story of Dennis quitting hi job to pursue wrestling full time is a great story for PROGRESS to run with and in his re-debut at Chapter 51 he looked good and was over with the crowd who were into the story they are telling.  Dunne will do what he always does here and will mercilessly pick apart Dennis to avoid giving him a title shot and continue building momentum for Chapter 55.

Prediction: Pete Dunne to win

Match 6: PROGRESS Tag Team Championship-(C) British Strong Style(Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs IWGP Tag Team Champions War Machine (Hanson & Raymond Rowe)

NJPW tag champions vs WWE UK talents.  Only in PROGRESS and only in 2017.  This match will be awesome and will tear the house down eaasily.  Both teams are coming in hot as BSS regained their tag titles at Chapter 51 and WM beat the London Riots in a stellar match.  Seeing as BSS vs CCK is the main rivalry in PROGRESS it is not impossible to see BSS getting the win especially as WM are not full time in PROGRESS.

Prediction: British Strong Style to win

Main Event: “The Kiwi Buzzsaw” Travis Banks vs “BRO” Matt Riddle

Pete Dunne chose the BRO as Banks’ opponent and it couldn’t have been a much tougher opponent to pick.  Riddle lost his ATLAS title at the last chapter but he has been booked strong in PROGRESS and is a big enough name that he will be over regardless.  Banks needs to win here to overcome one of the best in PROGRESS especially after losing last time out to BSS and he will need to win to gain momentum ahead of his title challenge at CHaper 55.  Expect stiff shots and an awesome match here although Riddle winning is improbable and it will most likely be Banks getting his hand raised at the end of this one.

Prediction: Travis Banks to win

This card is good and will have two potentially great matches in the last two but is guaranteed to have an enjoyable and watchable undercard.