10 AAA Luchadores You Should Be Watching, Part 2


We continue taking a brief look to ten awesome luchadores which work for AAA. This is the second part.

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Ricky Marvin

22 years as a professional luchador and being multi champion in Japan and in México, should mean something. Ricky Marvin is the effigy of the traditional Mexican luchador: short, strong, big technical ability and a fever for sky-riding; add to this being one of the most professional guys in the business and you’ll have one of the best in all of the national territory. Ricky has been repackaged (Bengala), put in and out in stables (Mexitosos, OGTs), fought everybody (ACH, Lio Rush, Naomichi Marufuji, KENTA) and always has been the haven of lucha libre, the guy with big performances, the luchador.

Although when AAA is very polemic in the treatment of the matches and its results, Ricky will always do a great job and his partners can rely on him to have a great spectacle. Right now because an angle he has disappeared. Betrayed by his former partners Los OGTs (Chessman and Averno), he is resting to return as he always do: brilliant.


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Fast, defying, creative, unbelievable. If we need to describe Aerostar, those four adjectives would be good to start. Even better: he has left behind the stigma of being “the last creation of Antonio Peña” (the late founder of AAA) to become a legend on his own right.

Aerostar is widely known because of his run in Lucha Underground, but he started with this character in 2006 (he debuted in 2003) with the Real Fuerza Aérea (Royal Air Force) and since then he has amazing the crowd with his wild aerial moves. He alone is like the reincarnation of 80s first high flyers Súper Astro, Black Man and Volador with a plus: walk the ropes, jumping between ropes, corkscrew topes, highfly cannonballs, you name it. Seems that Aerostar has been doing and creating aerial moves in every match he does. The guy is tireless and he had one of the most memorable rivalries with former friend Súper Fly whom he already unmask and shave in bet matches. Aerostar is maybe the best highflyer in México and he is showing it off around the world.


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Black Mamba

Black Mamba is one of those rare and fortunate cases when losing the mask gives you a bigger chance to stand out in what you do. This luchador lost his mask against Pimpinela Escarlata in his hometown Nuevo Laredo in 2010. The school of Nuevo Laredo luchadores is somewhat overlooked since lots of amazing luchadores have been seeding from there. Black Mamba is a good example of it and also a good example of hard work and discipline. He has managed to dominate a diversity of lucha styles, whenever he needs to be a technician he will do, whenever he needs to be a brawler he surely will do and so on.

Another curious fact is that Black Mamba plays the exótico (trans) style since his unmasking. The rivalry with Pimpinela Escarlata never seems to end. In june they went to a bet match hair vs hair at Verano de Escándalo where Mamba succumbed again. Make no mistake with this losses talking about his abilities. He can work the crowd efficiently to bring the game in  favor of his rival. His bitchy gestures, powerful moves and rudo tactics makes him a hard enemy who always bring something to talk about. In AAA they need good workers in order to put over the luchadores they need to be their biggest and Mamba has been doing that work clearly well. I feel he can drop out the exótico character (just because that keeps him in the midcard) and escalate to prove himself against the best luchadores in the company.


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Texano Jr.

We all know this guy. One of the most famous luchadores in the world, the longest – and youngest – reigning Mega CHampion in AAA (274 days) and one of the faces of the company since his departure from CMLL in 2011. Texano Jr. with 18 years of experience can carry a company by himself, besides is a great luchador. Son of lucha libre legend El Texano he has beared the name with dignity and efficiency being a difficult task.

Texano Jr. is a solid worker and possess an amazing charisma, hence is so difficult to hate him as a rudo (heel). He held one of the greatest rivalries in the company against Psycho Clown which helped the company a lot and drew one of the most memorable times in his career. He is awesome and of course, you should be watching his matches right now.


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When we talk about awesome luchadores you should be watching, I think that Averno is the poster boy of that statement. In a similar story as Texano Jr., this veteran left CMLL in 2014 to expand his horizons. He did it all at the CMLL and AAA should be his place to be. To be honest I think he is one of the top five best luchadores in the company, but somehow, following the impact of his debut in AAA, he has driven his career to little or almost nothing as big as he did in CMLL and one bite of it was his rivalry against Místico.

He is a man of stables. Hell Brothers was one of them and he made them shine. Later he was paired with Chessman and Ricky Marvin and fastly became the leader of the trío which was beyond awesome since they become one of the main attractions in the company. Averno has helped other luchadores shine the most but he is a man of titles and big matches which sadly hasn’t happened to this day. He still has many years to come in his career but at his age (40 years) is difficult to get to bigger scenarios, so the only thing we can expect is him to make a bigger effort to show management that he is as big as his precedent fame. The second generation luchador is one of the best things that ever happen to the company and they should know it.