The Caribbean Report: WWL vs. LAX, CWA Goes Overdrive And More

Emmanuel Rosado once again reports in from Puerto Rico with all the latest news out of the Caribbean professional wrestling scene with WWL making moves!

LAX Invades Puerto Rico on July 15

Photo: WWL

As it was reported last week, the GFW/Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions LAX is heading on July 15 to Puerto Rico. Much has come from this announcement, after a controversy that took place between Konnan and CWA (Puerto Rican wrestling promotion). The story was that CWA had teased some promos about LAX coming to their event at 6/24 in Toa Alta. But Konnan fired back, saying that LAX is his creation and that the only company in Puerto Rico that has a working agreement with him and The Crash is the World Wrestling League (WWL). Konnan would later revealed that CWA was only bringing Diamante, but they were hyping up their event as if the whole LAX faction was coming to CWA.

Now WWL is in the front seat, they used that extra publicity (bad or good, it doesn’t matter) to bring to their 7/15 show the whole LAX. The faction composed of Santana, Diamante and Ortiz will compete against WWL’s hottest talents. “The Third Generation” Mike Mendoza and “The Man That Never Goes Out of Fashion” Angel Fashion will go up against Santana and Ortiz. It’s still unclear if Diamante is going to compete or just be a valet for the GFW Tag Champs, but I have a feeling that she will not have a free night at Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.  WWL might have a surprise in store for her.

Mr. Big (Photo: WWL)

Other matches for the night will be Mr. BIG defending the WWL Championship against El Nazareno. The contender for the championship is riding the best faction right now in the island (West Side Mafia) and will have home field advantage as the show is in the west side of Puerto Rico. Also, West Side Mafia’s members and WWL Tag Champions Tabu and Morgan (Mr. 450’s brother) will defend against Puro Macho’s members Kris Díaz and Electro.

Also, coming back after being absent on the last show, West Side’s own Mr. 450 will go up against Puro Macho’s JC Navarro, who had maybe a match of the year candidate in the last show. Other matches are, Spectro (c) vs. Stryder for the WWL Americas Championship, Vassago & Roxxy vs. Los Primos Meléndez and Mark Davidson vs. WWL Cruiserweight Champion Payatronic.

The Odyssey of Joe Acer (with Seth Rollins help) to CWA

Photo: CWA

Yes, this isn’t a grammatical error, you read it right, Seth Rollins somehow got involved in Wrestling in Puerto Rico, but how?

This is an interesting story. CWA announced that they will be having a show in 7/8 in Dorado (it’s their first time in that town). The company is enjoying a comfortable position in the 3rd spot in Puerto Rican wrestling and are gearing up to their biggest event of the Summer “Summer Blast”.

They announced that for their 7/8 show they have booked Joe Acer, a graduate of Seth Rollins’s Black and Brave Academy in Illinois. This came to the surprise of everyone, because Acer is not a recognizable name in indie wrestling, plus CWA is not a promotion that books a lot of unknown names of the USA indie circuit, as in the past they have booked names like Jay Lethal, Roderick Strong and Super Crazy. As I talked to various sources, this a complex and very weird story that unfolded this week.

The story goes that Joe Acer was going on vacation to Puerto Rico, so he already had a plane ticket to the island. It seems that Acer informed Seth Rollins of his intentions on going to the island and asked the former WWE Champion if he could get him booked to the island. Rollins then talked to Orlando Colon (Epico in WWE) for help, so that his students could get booked in Puerto Rico. Orlando would move some contacts and land through CWA management a booking for Joe Acer in 7/8 in Dorado (CWA). Even CWA management told me that, “Robert Díaz has worked the petition so that Joe Acer and CWA can benefit on this experience”.

For the 7/8 show, CWA have Joe Acer in action, but is still unknown against who. Also, their most promising star Justin Dynamite will defend the CWA Puerto Rican Championship against Bane. Also in action, Kenolly vs. Empio, Rodrigo Garcia vs. David Estilo, Los Apostadores (The Gamblers) and many more.

The Colons Were Almost Back to WWC  

Photo: WWE

As it was reported by various site and an article that I wrote about the situation (you can see it here), The Colons were reported to be “unhappy” with WWE and even asked the company to be release. This came as a shock, as the Colons never showed signs of being displeased with WWE. But many suggested that there were going on their way out and that even Epico had a T-Shirt design with his real name with Pro Wrestling Tees. This exploded in Puerto Rico, with WWC’s twitter retweeting the Super Lucha’s article on their Twitter.

The Colons release meant that the World Wrestling Council (WWC) will be leveling up the wrestling scene in the island. As it has been reported, WWC is doing poorly in attendance and fans have switch to the hotter promotion, the WWL. With the Colons coming to the island, you can see a more balance fight, with WWC having two regular former WWE Superstars that have always been over in the island raising up those numbers.

The sad news came when other reports close to the Colon family clarified that The Colons were staying in the WWE and that there were never plans on leaving. Also, people don’t know this, but WWC’s Twitter is handle by someone that no longer works for WWC.

CWS Fails to Keep the Hype

Championship Wrestling School seemed to have gathered the attention of wrestling fans in the island. The did a show on 6/10 in Bayamon, where is known to be the house of wrestling in Puerto Rico. The company was used to see some 70-100 fans in their small building in Santurce, but the show in 6/10 did 240 fans, beating any attendance that they previously had. The Bayamon show was fueled by the youngest Universal Champion in WWC’s history BJ against semi-retire wrestler and WWC commentator El Wizard.

This feud began when a debate between veterans and young wrestlers started to boil in the island. BJ when as far to say that, “every veteran that is still wrestling should retire and do a favor to Puerto Rican wrestling”. This gathered the attention of wrestling legends in the island, with them challenging BJ to a match. In 6/10 BJ against El Wizard got CWS their best crowd, so the logic was the continue the feud. The problem was that for the 7/1 show in Santurce (a smaller building), CWS use a legend that people barely remembered. The promotion brought La Ley (The Law) who barely was a power player for WWC in the 90s and teamed him up with El Wizard. CWS did the promo for 7/1 all wrong, with them giving us a profile interview (you can watch it here) of La Ley, 5 days before the event.

Photo: CWS

The show barely did 50 fans and had a poor following in social media. CWS has some bright stars, like their CWS Champion Bellito, who has a faction with other promising stars like Max Daniels and Danny Cruxiel. The team of “No a las Momias” (No to Mummies!) is a good start, but CWS has a lot of work to do.

Other Puerto Rican Notes

Photo: WWE

– Mr. 450 may be bound to Global Force Wrestling. As I reported for Impact Estelar, Mr. 450 (John Yurnet in WWE) was backstage at Slammiversary this Sunday. In the spring, while Mr. 450 was recuperating his knee, many reports pointed that if WWE didn’t work out, he (450) would be joining Impact Wrestling. The Last of His Kind is confirmed to be in the tapings, but is not sure if he is competing or just negotiating a deal. It should be noted that Mr. 450 wrestles regularly for The Crash, Konnan’s promotion, so it should not come by surprise that eventually, as Sammy Guevara did on Monday, Mr. 450 will join GFW.

Apollo during his initial TNA run (Photo: GFW)

Apolo and Chicano are also confirmed for the tapings of Impact Wrestling. The pair of former IWA World and Universal Champions are being reported to soon be with GFW. It hasn’t been confirmed which role they would have, but in the past Apolo was part of the original LAX and he is a former NWA Tag Team Champion, when TNA had the belts.

Photo: WWC

WWC is having a show the same day that WWL is having their Mayaguez show in 7/15. WWC’s Universal Champion Ray Gonzalez and his son Ray Jr. will face against Thunder and Lightning. Also, Xix Xavant vs. Gilbert to be #1 contender of the Puerto Rican Title, La Revolución vs. Cuervo & Enyel for the Tag Titles, OT Fernandez in a three way against Angel Cotto and Peter “The Bad Romance” and much more.

– A correction from last week, Rey Misterio and Ricky Banderas (Mil Muertes in LU) will not be wrestling each other, instead, some people have told me that the Main Event of Wrestling Superstars is a Tag Match, with Banderas and Misterio joining forces.

– The State of Florida will be host of an event between Puerto Rican Wrestlers and indie superstars. The new promotion New Generation Championship Wrestling, will have in their upcoming 7/29 show names like former WWF star Savio Vega, Penta 0M, Brian Cage, Mil Muertes, Fenix, Apolo and many more. The only match that has been confirm is Savio Vega and former WWC Universal Champion Noriega vs. Blue Demon Jr. and Boricua Guerrero.

Star Roger officially achieved 200 days as CWA Champion. Also, Mark Davison and Excellence Mantell achieved 200 days with their WWL Six Man Tag Team Championship, Allison hit 100 because she is a replacement of Justin Dynamite who at the time went back to CWA. Finally, Justin Dynamite achieved 200 days as CWA Puerto Rican Champion.

– Contralona PR has interviews with WWE Hall of Famer Abdullah “The Butcher” and with former NXT Tag Team Champion Simon Gotch. You can watch the interviews here and here.

Main Photo: Global Force Wrestling