Twin Analysis: Rosemary & Sienna

This is the first entry of the ‘Twin Analysis’ series where journalist Walter Yeates will provide analysis on two workers in the same company.

Global Force Wrestling (formerly Impact Wrestling) over the past year has seen Rosemary and Sienna rise to prominence within the Knockout Division. A feud between the two came to a head at theĀ Slammiversary Pay Per View on Sunday. However, their road to success within Global Force Wrestling did not happen overnight. Both women spent years on the independent scene working to earn the opportunity they now have.


Prior to making her debut in the newly branded GFW in 2016, Rosemary was best known as Courtney Rush. She first began making her name in NCW Femmes Fatales, an independent promotion in Montreal. Her work on the Canadian independent scene caught the attention of Shimmer, where she would compete up until being signed by GFW. Even early in her career, it was difficult to not be impressed by Rosemary. She has always been a competent talent who could put on a solid match – no matter the circumstances.

Unsurprisingly, her best work has come after she took on the dark Rosemary persona. The character speaks of “The Hive” in a similar fashion of the Collector General from the Mass Effect franchise, has the look of a Joker-esq cheerleader, while speaking in carefully crafted riddles similar to the Riddler, allowing her to become one of the most marketable aspects of GFW. While the company hasn’t fully taken advantage of merchandise opportunities with Rosemary, the potential to do so remains if new leadership decides to fully embrace one of the pillars of the Knockout division.

Not only has the character been executed to perfection, Rosemary has continued to deliver in the ring with a string of quality bouts. Her rivalry against Jade produced several extremely physical encounters including Six Sides of Steel, Monster’s Ball, and Last Knockout Standing matches.


Sienna created a stir upon forming the Midwest Militia in Women Superstars Uncensored, several months after debuting in the promotion. The group would bring a bit of edge to WSU and provide some exciting moments, which allowed Sienna (then known as Allysin Kay) to begin making her mark in wrestling.

Shortly after she would make her debut in Shine and Shimmer, further cementing her as one of the top female North American prospects. Once she began presenting herself in a classy cotillion manner, it was only a matter of time before a larger promotion signed her to a deal.

Once joining the now Global Force Wrestling, Sienna was quickly paired with Maria Kanellis and her character became to come into its own. When she wasn’t busy bullying Allie alongside Maria – Sienna was doing quality work in the ring.

Since Maria’s departure from GFW, Sienna has begun to thrive even further. Her promos benefit from her noticeable accent which adds something to the overall feel of the character. Sienna has all the traits necessary to become recognized as one of the best overall female workers in the world.

Overall Analysis

Any promotion in the world would benefit by having these two impressive talents on their roster. While presenting two extremely different characters, both execute their gimmicks on a high level and continuously deliver inside the ring.

It will be interesting to see how GFW handles both over the long term. These two women could lead the reformation of a strong Knockouts division. A more robust division will allow Rosemary and Sienna to work against differing talents and showcase just how effective, flexible, and entertaining they are in a number of different roles and scenarios.

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