Best of WWE June Edition

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This piece is a look at the WWE’s programming with rose-tinted glasses as I aim to focus on the best things WWE produced across their four weekly TV shows as well as Pay-Per-Views.

Best of WWE June Edition

Extreme Rules (04/06/2017)

Match Of The Month:

The five-man main event was easily the best match that the Main Roster has put on all year. With the star power and ring work, it was a great match worthy of main eventing. The match was also helped by it being unpredictable as everybody had a case for winning.

WWE Raw (05/06/2017)


Making Samoa Joe the main character of Raw was not a bad idea. He showcased just how good he is as a calm, collected mercenary every chance he got that night. That promo with Heyman also had many hyped for the rest of the build to Joe vs Lesnar.

Miz gonna Miz:

The celebration that The Miz had for winning the IC title was only going to be great, and great it was with the entertaining paranoia and Dean Ambrose actually being dressed as a cameraman the whole time. This is the reason Miz is perfect for mid-card titles as he makes them infinitely more entertaining and important than anybody else does.

SmackdownLive: (06/06/2017)

Becky is God:

Can I just say the Becky Lynch gifs from the women’s segment were pure gold.

The Best Guest Stars In The Universe:

The fashion Files are the best. The New Day are the best. THE NEW DAY ON THE FASHION FILES BLEW MY MIND. Seriously this segment was absolutely great you should watch it.

WWE NXT (07/06/2017)


NXT is back to its late 2014 form with its most stacked roster ever. We get some of the best wrestlers in the world performing on a weekly basis. This whole show was amazing and must watch.

WWE Raw (12/06/2017)

Monster vs Mercenary:

Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe brawling was a sight to behold. These two behemoths clashed in one of the best RAW segments in recent history.  The build to this match has so far been exceptional.

Money In The Bank (18/06/17)

Main Event:

The main event certainly delivered with a strong showing for each of the competitors in the match. Every man in the match put his body on the line with some crazy spots such as the sunset flip powerbomb off the top of the ladder. The end portion with AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura fighting it out was a good precursor to what will eventually be an amazing feud between the two.

WWE Raw (19/06/17)


Braun Strowman made his return to let Reigns know that he isn’t finished with him yet. He challenged him to what will be a great ambulance match between the two at Great Balls Of Fire.


This week saw the payoff to the angle of who has been attacking Enzo Amore and Big Cass. In a great segment that positioned Cass as a despicable heel and Amore as a really sympathetic face with Cass being ruthless and blaming Amore for his lack of title wins. This breakup sends both men in a clear direction in what will be a good feud between both men.



The episode long arc about what Daniel Bryan would do about the controversial finish to the women’s MITB match was fantastic. Every woman got a showcase and the opportunity to shine. Becky Lynch reminded us of how great she is. Carmella is proving just how good she can be as the main heel of the division. This all built to the big segment with Bryan rescinding the win. We now have a MITB match on Smackdown next week which was an entertaining segment with Bryan and James Ellsworth showing animosity that got a really good reaction.


Sign ME UP:

The Titus Brand is doing an exceptional job of giving mid carders something to do and is also putting Akira Tozawa over as a got commodity.  A fun little midcard storyline that gives guys like Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neill something to do


Ohno Fades To Black:

Tommy End vs Chris Hero in a WWE ring. What more needs to be said? This continues a strong year for NXT main events with two of the worlds best strikers putting on a great match.

WWE Raw(26/06/17)

Enzo is a human:

Amore did something that we dont see a lot of in WWE anymore when he acted like an actual human. Instead of wanting revenge he wanted to try repair the relationship with Cass and admit he is wrong. This is a very relatable feature that helped get him more sympathy in this feud.

Taming the beast:

Joe’s Coquina Clutch is being presented as the move that can do what many couldn’t and put down Brock Lesnar for good. It’s refreshing to see Joe being built up as a threat to Lesnar; instead of another guy who has to try survive in the ring with Lesnar.

Jax build continues:

Nia Jax was put in a strong position in this weeks main event. She carried the half hour long gauntlet match. Jax once again shined when used as a killer in these multi-woman matches. She looks set to break out as a big star whenever WWE decides to pull the trigger.


Last Woman Standing:

Another “first-ever” match for the women this year and this one was better than most Last Man Standing matches with Asuka and Nikki Cross being two of the only performers capable of pulling off this kind of match this well. Cross always brings the insanity and Asuka is always willing to put her body on the line to get a win.  This match was violent, well built and worth your time.