Preview: AAW ‘Killers Among Us’ (June 17, 2017)

AAW is putting on the biggest show in the company’s 13 year history with a packed lineup of 10 matches – this is not your average independent wrestling company. The intimate setting yet loud crowd is reminiscent of ECW, featuring high-caliber talent like Zack Sabre Jr and Low Ki. This Saturday on June 17, Sami Callihan’s near one year grip on the AAW Championship may come to an end as he faces Mike Elgin in a massive main event. The undercard is AAW’s best yet so let’s get to it.

Photo: AAW

Trey Miguel/Stephen Wolf and Myron Reed vs Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz and Zema Ion

Photo: AAW

A 6-Man tag with all the high-flyers starts the show and there may not be a better way to feature all involved. Miguel and Wolf are an outstanding, rising tag team in AAW and Reed is on the way up as well, a win would change the outlook on all 3 men. Ion is the veteran of the match and is capable of picking up the win himself or dazzling in the air just like others. Scarlett And Graves (Xavier and Wentz) are maybe the best tag team in AAW, they should get the victory in a fast-paced match to get another tag title shot.
Prediction: Wentz/Xavier and Ion in 10 Minutes.

Photo: AAW

Eddie Kingston vs Jeff Cobb

A standout match on the show yet Kingston is dealing with a neck injury and is late in his career. Cobb on the other hand doesn’t win as much as he should but has made a name everywhere he goes on his way up the cards. The brawling style vs the powerhouse is going to be key but the younger Cobb has the slight edge. Kingston would be smart to go to his trademark strikes and try to not to bully Cobb. If the match gets very physical, Kingston has a chance or he gets caught in Cobb’s Tour Of The Islands.
Prediction: Jeff Cobb in 10 Minutes

Photo: AAW

Garza Jr. vs ACH

ACH had a shot at the AAW title recently but came up short, in his short career he has made the most out of every match. The matching of athletic prowess and high-risk moves will be fantastic in this showcase. Garza Jr. can keep up with ACH but can he beat him on his best night? ACH has only gotten better in the past few months, both will be bringing the innovation but ACH will look to one- up his opponent. It would surely be an upset and big win if Garza Jr. won here, although it only makes sense if ACH gets Garza Jr. up for the Buster Call.

Prediction: ACH in 15 Minutes

Photo: AAW

Jake Crist vs Chuck Taylor vs Paco vs Davey Vega

All 4 are more than undercard stars but in a scramble match like this, Janela is favored even if he lost in a multi-man match last month at Thursday Night Special. Paco received his only win in AAW so far at that event and he will give it all to win this match. Crist is a very underrated heel and star in his own right outside of Ohio Is For Killers with Sami Callihan and his brother. Davey Vega is a wild card, will be under looked but he always goes the extra mile to not just win, but to have a good match. Chuck Taylor is the most entertaining man maybe in wrestling today but is that enough for him to win? Taylor could be a future AAW World title contender but something could be made of “The Bad Boy” Janela in this match.

Prediction: Joey Janela in 10 Minutes.

Photo: AAW

Zack Sabre Jr vs Matt Fitchett

Fitchett has the biggest match of his career taking on a champion of 3 promotions (RevPro, EVOLVE and PWG) in this match. Sabre tends to bring the very best out of younger competitors, whether it be the brutal submissions or the fighting spirit. Matt Fitchett is great in undercard matches and tag teams but this is a match he will not soon forget. This match may not be long but it could get people talking about Fitchett, especially if he picks up the win. Sabre could win many different ways unless Fitchett is more technically refined than we all think.

Prediction: Zack Sabre Jr in 10 Minutes.

Photo: AAW

Abyss vs Low Ki

The war between Low Ki and Ohio Is For Killers comes to a head here after Abyss cost Low Ki his shot against Sami Callihan and the AAW title. Abyss is the bodyguard but also the heavy hitter, Low Ki may be crushed early if he isn’t careful. Low Ki likes to go full-throttle but that may not be smart against a man that could catch you off the top rope. Abyss usually would win this type of match against much smaller opponent but Low Ki is out for blood and there may even be weapons involved and a Warrior’s Way to Abyss.

Prediction: Low Ki

Photo: AAW

John Morrison vs Brian Cage

A bit of Lucha Underground flavour and this may just steal the show. Morrison has some of the most unique offense in the industry but even that may not be enough against “The Machine.” If this spills to the floor or gets dirty, Morrison has Cage’s number. Cage could win though many different ways like with a Steiner Screwdriver or even taking to the air just like his rival. This is a match that will really help to make this show must-see and create buzz.

Prediction: Brian Cage in 15 Minutes.

Photo: AAW

War Machine vs ReDRagon

What a huge tag team match and AAW is the only company to put these 2 teams together in a ring except PWG. War Machine filled the void left when ReDRagon left ROH so this is a dream match of sorts. The martial artists vs the badass heavyweights. All 4 (Ray Rowe and Hanson, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish) are amazing singles competitors in their own right so hopefully this one gets some time to shine. If War Machine toss around ReDRagon it might not be a long night, ReDRagon will look to make it a strike-fest and tap out the big boys.

Prediction: ReDragon in 25 Minutes.

Photo: AAW

Penta El OM vs Trevor Lee

This is a match that will have the fans chanting and losing their collective minds. Penta and Lee both have a tendency to do crazy spots in big matches and you have to expect that here. Penta has been working an almost sprint style in AAW, having awesome short lucha matches. Penta is the AAW Heritage champion and Trevor Lee will look to take that and humiliate Penta. The new heel side of Trevor Lee may bring him gold in the future and a huge win over Penta El OM. If it’s Canadian Destroyers or Piledrivers, Penta wins but it’s going to be close.

Prediction: Penta El OM

Photo: AAW

AAW World Championship Match:
Sami Callihan (c) vs Michael Elgin

The biggest match in AAW history. A press conference, which is a rarity for AAW, set up this title match where Elgin final gets what he is due in the last 5 years he has spent in this company. Callihan has done every dirty tactic in the book, with Ohio Is For Killer and his manager JT Davidson, but that all ends at Killers Among Us.

Silas Young was the Ace of AAW for years until Drew Galloway beat Young on his way out of the company (full-time with ROH) earlier this year, Galloway was becoming the new ace until he re-signed with WWE. Now this is Big Mike’s chance. Elgin has been a World Champion before but a brawl against Callihan will be a true test. Sami Callihan is the best champion in AAW history, bringing more notoriety and fans to the product. In a war, Elgin becomes the new champion in one of the finest matches to date in AAW.

Prediction: NEW AAW World champion – Michael Elgin in 20 Minutes.

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