Lucha Underground TV Review

Lucha Underground

Dario Cuerto meets with Sexy Star backstage as she embraces her Gift of the Gods Title. Cuerto says that she can defend her title and lose it to Matanza and get destroyed in the process. Dario then announces The World Wide Underground (Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, PJ Black and Taya) vs. Sexy and The Trios Champions, Fenix, Drago and Aerostar. Dario leaves, Johnny Mundo arrives and introduces himself to Sexy Star; he tells her that he’s the next Gift of the Gods champion, before shaking Sexy’s hand; as he tries to leave she holds onto the handshake and they stare it out.

Prince Puma vs. Siniestro de la Muerta:

They brawled right away, which led to some back and forth before a dropkick by Prince Puma allowed him to take control; Puma worked some chops, and followed those with kicks. Vampiro notes on commentary that Puma is trying to hurt somebody tonight; a little more aggressive from the former Champion.

Siniestro tried to take control but was cut off and Puma hit the dead lift suplex for the near fall. Siniestro attempts another comeback but Puma cuts him off with a spin kick Prince goes up top as Muertes arrives; Puma avoids Muertes by leaping over him in the corner. Prince Puma hits a Michinoku driver and stared down Muertes. The former Champion then hits Muertes’ flatliner finish and scored the win; post match Puma dives through the ring ropes onto Muertes as they brawl all over the temple.

Excellent match, showing more of what Prince Puma can do inside the ring, Muertes and Catrina are an excellent combination.

Cortez Castro comes to Dario’s office ,they share an awkward hug; Dario says he is sorry that they lost Cisco.

Dario says he will do whatever he can to find the real killer; he’s still happy to have Castro, while confirming the show must go on. He has a match tonight; as Melissa Santos is heard announcing in the background.

Cortez Castro vs. Pentagon Dark

 Quick match here seeing Pentagon Dark attacked early before taking control managing to hit some absolute vicious leg kicks and hellions chop, a quick package piledriver finished Castro before Pentagon breaks the arm of Castro.

Post match Pentagon announces that it doesn’t matter whom win the main event tonight they will all have the same outcome… Broken Bones as even in this ring he doesn’t even respect his mum.

Cero Miedo !!

Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, PJ Black and Taya vs. Fenix, Drago, Aerostar and Sexy Star

This is an atomicos match, Matt Striker reminds us that Johnny Mundo won this match last year by pinning Sexy Star.

Star and Taya kicked things off, they worked a solid back and forth before Taya running for a quick tag, Jack Evans tagged in, did some flips; showed off a little and then he tagged in Pj Black.

The trios champions then worked some quick tags, and controlled Black until he managed to stun Aerostar, allowing Mundo to tag in.

Mundo is producing his best work currently in Lucha and its really helping those around him, his back and forth with Fenix was excellent.

Overall this was a solid match which highlighted everyone in such a positive manner, Sexy Star is phenomenal inside the ring, the finish came as Fenix with the corkscrew dive to the ouside to all involved minus the women; Taya and Star were in the ring as Taya was knocked to the outside, then Star and Evans went back and forth until Mundo hit Taya with a superkick and Evans got the roll up for the win, love what Lucha are doing with this group and they are really building up Jonny Mundo for me, would be an excellent Champion.

Mil Muertes is in the back as Catrina as Siniestro slumped in a chair, she says Siniestro failed them for last time as she breaks his neck before taking away his soul, and gives it to Muertes, Catrina tells Mill to do the exact same thing  to Prince Puma.

Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr

Rey Mysterio Jr is the special guest referee. Rey has a history with Chavo Guerrero Jr. as enemies, and is also a former partner of Azteca.

They went back and forth to start with but it was mainly Chavo controlling the match as Guerrero complained several times to Rey of his “slow” counts.

This was a more slower Lucha Underground match where Chavo basically controlled it as the heel, the finish came  Chavo managed to catch Azteca in a  single leg crab. Azteca made the ropes Chavo and Rey argued, and then Chavo punched Rey Mysterio; Rey then punched Chavo back as Azteca jumps onto Chavo’s shoulder to hit the eclectic chair for the win; post match Chavo tried to attack Rey, but instead gets hit with the  619.

As the  show ends we see Black Lotus lighting candles, saying that she will get revenge and take the mask of the killer, she announces that she is sending the Black Lotus Triad to take and destroy Pentagon Dark and show him what fear really looks like.

Overall a decent show, liked the continued developments of Johnny Mundo and the tougher attitude on Prince Puma leading into another battle with Mill Muertes.

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