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Chargers Rookies “Exciting” Brandon Staley at Minicamp

Los Angeles Chargers rookie minicamp is underway, and head coach Brandon Staley is excited by what he's seen from the youngsters.
Chargers Rookie Minicamp

Rookie minicamps is well underway for the Los Angeles Chargers, and head coach Brandon Staley has been impressed with the work ethic of the incoming class of players, although he isn’t surprised by it. First-round pick Quentin Johnston also gave his thoughts on his first real taste of the NFL and also spoke about the joy of being able to help his mother retire.

Los Angeles Chargers Rookie Minicamp: Brandon Staley “Excited” by Class

Brandon Staley on the Chargers Rookies

Rookie minicamp is one of the most important parts of developing players, as it’s the first time these NFL hopefuls are able to put on pads and truly show what they can do against NFL competition. However, it’s just as important for them to learn football in the classroom, and Staley is trying to demonstrate that importance throughout the three-day event.

There’s a lot of learning to do, so everything you’re doing this weekend, you’re doing something for the first time,” Staley said. “Just learn as much as you can, work as hard as you can.”

While the on-field results are all that matter come September, the first step to winning on the field begins with how these players perform in the classroom. Professional football is dramatically harder than college football, and Staley knows that these players need to show that they have what it takes to handle that adjustment.

“You just want to see, I think, how they thrive in the classroom. There are a lot of components to the weekend where they have to learn so much for the first time, besides just football. There’s football in the classroom, there’s football on the field…they have to do so much for the first time.”

This is obviously a lot for anyone to take in over the course of a weekend, but Staley has noted that the rookies are handling the change well. Saying that they’ve been “as advertised”, the head coach said that “it’s a good group of young guys. They’re exciting to work with.”

Quentin Johnston Reacts to NFL Life

While every rookie will receive some form of attention from the media, there is no question that first-round pick Quentin Johnston will face the heaviest spotlight. For what it’s worth, the Chargers rookie minicamp finally made the TCU product feel like he was in the NFL.

“Yeah, now it does [feel like the NFL]. The meetings and stuff, I felt like I was still in that before the Draft stage, just getting ready for it, still anxious. As soon as I put my cleats on and got out on the field, it was a real moment.”

Johnston went viral for his generous actions immediately following hearing his name called in the 2023 NFL Draft. The very first thing Johnston did with his newfound wealth was to give his mother the opportunity to retire, and the wideout elaborated on that decision during a media session.

“It means the world to me,” Johnston said. “I’m a big family person. Obviously, growing up, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today if it wasn’t for both of my parents and the sacrifices that the made…I would’ve done the same thing for my dad, but my dad already retired, so I just gave him a pat on the back right there. To give back to them and see the look on their faces, it’s everything.”

Only time will tell how effective Quentin Johnston will be on the NFL field – after all, even the best prospects can struggle to adapt to the game. However, you can tell that he’s a great off-field guy and it’s clear that he has his priorities in the right place.

Main Photo: Kirby Lee – USA Today Sports


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