Los Angeles Chargers Most Difficult Games in 2022

Chargers Difficult Games
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With the 2022 NFL schedule having dropped, it’s time to break down each game for each team and rank the games in difficulty from 1 to 17, with 17 being the easiest. For this piece, we’ll be looking at the most difficult Los Angeles Chargers games, going from 1 to 8. Be sure to check out the easiest games for the Chargers as well. Also, if you have not seen the glorious Chargers schedule release video, check that out as well.

Los Angeles Chargers 2022 Schedule: Most Difficult Games

1. Week 2: @ Kansas City Chiefs

The AFC West is going to be an absolute bloodbath this year, so we will start with some of these inter-divisional matchups. The Chiefs showed some cracks in their armor in the first half of 2022, but they showed down the stretch they’re still the most explosive team in the West. They did lose Tyreek Hill this off-season, but Patrick Mahomes has shown he can produce without him before. Add onto all this the facts that this is at Arrowhead and a primetime game, and you’ve got an early-season matchup that will test the Chargers.

2. Week 18: @ Denver Broncos

Continuing in the AFC West, the Broncos get the edge for the next most-difficult team with Russell Wilson at quarterback. Also, this is the final game of the season, and it cannot be ruled out that this will be a critical game for both teams when it comes to playoff seeding – or getting into the playoffs at all. As such, expect this to be one of the most hard-fought games of the season for both teams – unless one or both of these teams has nothing to play for.

3. Week 17: vs Los Angeles Rams

In an unusual twist, almost all of the most difficult games this season for the Chargers involve a fellow AFC West team. This is the lone exception – their fellow Los Angeles team, the defending Super Bowl champions. With a tough defense and Matthew Stafford having a dangerous duo to throw to (Cooper Kupp and the newcomer Allen Robinson), expect this to be another hard-fought battle in “the battle of Los Angeles.”

4. Week 13: @ Las Vegas Raiders

They may be ranked as the “easiest” of the AFC West opponents here, but they should not be overlooked here – they have a dangerous defense of their own as well as new acquisition Davante Adams. Ironically, their biggest question mark is arguably their head coach Josh McDaniels, whose last head coaching gig did not end well. Still, this is a dangerous team, and this will also be a hard-fought battle.

5. Week 11: vs Kansas City Chiefs

As usual, the Chiefs matchup is marginally easier when not playing at Arrowhead. Nevertheless, expect all of these AFC West matchups to be close ones, regardless of whether it’s at home or on the road. One possible factor in the second matchup of the season against the Chiefs is that Mahomes will have gotten more accustomed to throwing to his newer targets like Skyy Moore.

6. Week 6: vs Denver Broncos

The first AFC West matchup between Justin Herbert and Russell Wilson will take place on primetime, and ought to be an exciting one. It is possible that Wilson will not have hit his stride with the Broncos yet until later in the season, which would help make this one a little easier besides not being at Mile High.

7. Week 1: vs Las Vegas Raiders

A fitting way to open the season as the Chargers look to get revenge against the Raiders for that heartbreaker at the end of last year. Also of note is that this will be Khalil Mack’s first game against the Raiders since returning to the AFC West, and he will likely be out for blood as well. The other deciding factor in this game will likely be J.C. Jackson versus Davante Adams.

8. Week 16: @ Indianapolis Colts

This team seems to have a new quarterback every year, which normally would not be a good thing. However, this team has a tough defense – and Matt Ryan should be an upgrade over Carson Wentz, especially seeing as he will actually have an offensive line to protect him now. Add onto the fact that this is a primetime game on the road, and this gets the slight edge over the Tennessee Titans for the toughest of their AFC South matchups.

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